Comedians in Bars Drinking Alcohol

This weekly blog series features interviews taking place at the Dallas Comedy House (DCH) open mic with me and some of the funniest stand-up comedians in the area, most of whom just happen to be my best friends! Read to learn about your favorite local funny people and about the curious emotional makeup of people who like to go onstage alone every night to get laughed at. Jeffrey Jay: O, Pioneer!

Jeffrey Jay is an L.A.-based comedian who makes his living touring colleges with his stand-up act, both entertaining and illuminating the youth of today about his life as a transgender man. His story is an inspirational one for comics. After years of honing his craft, Jeffrey now has the confidence, polish, and storytelling ability to deliver a message and actually change the world through laughter. In an industry full of naysayers insisting that the stand-up industry is a narrow and limiting thing with room only for acts that fit within the expected, Jeffrey's success proves that audiences are not only open, but hungering for new jokes and new stories. The thing I find the coolest about Jeffrey, though, is the incredible courage, focus, and commitment he found through his journey to become his true self. He may be trans, but dude has some of the biggest balls of anyone I know. I sat down and switched shirts (footage not found) with the passionate, sincere, and delightful Jay and we talked about Dallas comedy, gender roles, and his advice on making the big move to Los Angeles. Filmed by the great and powerful Sean Alexander. Special thanks to Alex Pietroforte and Korbin Chase.

Lauren Davis is an improviser and stand-up comedian from Dallas, Texas. Currently a student at the DCH Training Center, she can be seen weekly performing improv with her troupes LYLAS: Girl on Girl Comedy and Please Like Us, as well as doing her stand-up act at clubs around the area.