Comedians in Bars Drinking Alcohol

This weekly blog series features interviews taking place at the Dallas Comedy House (DCH) open mic with me and some of the funniest stand-up comedians in the area, most of whom just happen to be my best friends! Read to learn about your favorite local funny people and about the curious emotional makeup of people who like to go onstage alone every night to get laughed at. Landon Kirksey: Local Hero

Landon Kirksey is many things: actor, writer, comic, former Dallasite, current Los Angel (the correct designation for L.A. dwellers), friend to all, and avid supporter of DCH's plan to buy a bus to perform sketches on during parades. Kirksey is a DCH favorite because not only is he one of the funniest people in the world, but because of his incredible kindness and generosity as a performer and a human being. His laid back, game-for-anything demeanor and incredible talent made him perfectly suited for his former post as the host of the DCH open mic. Most comics I knew respected him too much to hassle him about when they would go up, and the ones who did it anyway, he usually dealt with pretty patiently. Though Kirksey is currently livin' the dream as a working actor and comedian in California, DCH's prodigal son returned for Dallas Comedy Festival and I snagged a quick interview with him about his lifelong love affair with comedy. Sean Alexander, local rockstar, filmed and Alex Piertreforte, local goddess, helped.

Lauren Davis is an improviser and stand-up comedian from Dallas, Texas. Currently a student at the DCH Training Center, she can be seen weekly performing improv with her troupes LYLAS: Girl on Girl Comedy and Please Like Us, as well as doing her stand-up act at clubs around the area.