Comedians in Bars Drinking Alcohol

This weekly blog series features interviews taking place at the Dallas Comedy House (DCH) open mic with me and some of the funniest stand-up comedians in the area, most of whom just happen to be my best friends! Read to learn about your favorite local funny people and about the curious emotional makeup of people who like to go onstage alone every night to get laughed at. Jason James: The Nomad

Veteran Dallas comic Jason James is known for his gruff, yet manic style of deeply personal stand-up comedy, wherein he shouts passionately to the audience about everything from hot yoga and his love of carbs to his opinions on politics and what's wrong with the world today. James has not only boundless energy and dedication, he has a huge wealth of experience to draw from in his material. This local staple of Hyena's and the Addison Improv has lived many lives, from Russian expat to entrepreneur to road comic to TV writer and actor, and I sat down with him before he embarks on the next chapter of his journey—the L.A. story. Shot extra beautifully this week by the extra beautiful Sean Alexander of CREWW Media.

Here is the animated short James mentions in the interview.

Lauren Davis is an improviser and stand-up comedian from Dallas, Texas. Currently a student at the DCH Training Center, she can be seen weekly performing improv with her troupes LYLAS: Girl on Girl Comedy and Please Like Us, as well as doing her stand-up act at clubs around the area.