Comedy Centerfold: Daniel Matthews

Welcome to Comedy Centerfold, where we feature a Dallas Comedy House performer and get to know him or her a little better by using questions that Playboy centerfolds are usually asked.  Daniel MatthewsDaniel Matthews is one of the most confident performers I've ever seen at the Dallas Comedy House. His commitment to characters is phenomenal. He is always a pleasure to watch on stage, and you can see him perform in several troupes: Cell Block Tango (April 25), Photobomb (April 17 and April 24), and Samurai Drunk (April 17).

Hometown? I was born in a hospital in Bedford, Texas. A suburb slightly closer to Fort Worth than it is to Dallas, but it's somewhere in between. You know on the weather reports where, in between Dallas and Fort Worth it says DFW? Right about there. I proceeded to live in Bedford for years until we the other side of Bedford.

Guilty Pleasures? When I'm driving by myself, I'm almost always singing (usually showtunes or classic rock), practicing stupid voices, or a combination of the two things. I'm sure I look like a lunatic when I drive, but I've got to get the music out somewhere, you know?

Ambitions? I'm on the precipice of establishing a community for puppeteers in the DFW Area. Oh by the way, I'm a puppeteer. I'm working on hammering out the details and writing a pilot for a puppet show that my puppet-pal and I will then pitch to Internet media distributors. And I'm also still considering taking the plunge and moving up to Chicago and doing that whole big-time improv thing. We'll see, I've still got stuff to do here in Texas before that happens.

Best Concert? Oh gosh, I'm pretty lame in that I don't go to many concerts. Loud music and crowds kind of get on my nerves, so most of the concerts I go to are fairly low key unless I remember to bring my ear plugs (protect your hearing, everyone!). The same dude I do puppets with is in a Beastie Boys tribute band called Rhymin N Stealin, and those are always fun. But I'd have to vote for the time I saw a dude hook a giant industrial spring to an amp at Three Links in Deep Ellum and wax poetic while clanging on it. I don't know if the quality was the best I've ever heard, but it's one of the most surreal experiences I've had.

Favorite Book? I'm really bad about reading, too. I need to read more. If looking like a lunatic in the car is a guilty pleasure, not reading enough is a guilty shame. I'm currently reading TJ and Dave's book, Improv at the Speed of Life, which is fantastic so far. But what do I know, I'm an unlearned knave.

Favorite Movie? Airplane! Always and forever Airplane!. It's scientifically proven to have one of the highest laughs-per-minute of any comedy movie. It's got complex wordplay and dry wit along with dumb slap stick and non sequiturs. It'd be hard for me to ever get tired of Leslie Nielsen's delivery.

Favorite TV Show? Got to give it to The Simpsons until about, I dunno, Season 13 or so? I also love Futurama (go figure), but as far as currently running series' I really dig Broad City, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and probably most of all Rick and Morty.

Pets? My family has a blue heeler/ Border Collie / etc. mix named Bailey. She's sharp as a tack and super cute. We've trained her to jump through a hula hoop. There's also a super gross cat that lives in our backyard and we feed him so he doesn't die. His name is Shadow, and I'll post pictures of him on Instagram under #nastybackyardcat

Foods I Crave? Barbecue ribs (pork or beef) and crab rangoon.

People I Admire? To be generic, people who know where they're going in life and have the drive to get there, and people who practice seemingly perpetual positivity.

To be specific, and a little cheesy, I really look up to my Cell Block Tango scene partners, Ryan Goldsberry and Colten Winburn. They're some of my best friends, and they're wonderful people, and I could probably take up the space of this whole interview writing nice things about them.

Dream Role? Dr. Teeth, the band leader of Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem. The band from The Muppet Show.

Favorite Song to Sing? I really like singing super cheesy songs and trying to sell the emotion in them. My favorites for karaoke are probably "Stand By Your Man" by Tammy Wynette or "Sometimes When We Touch" by Dan Hill. Alternatively, my favorite musical is Little Shop of Horrors, so most of the songs from that.

Good First Date Idea? I'm the wrong dude to ask. Maybe you didn't know, but I'm an improv comedian. I once had a girl I was talking to via online dating buy tickets with her friends to see me perform in a Samurai Drunk show, but by the time she told me that I had received a paid gig with the murder mystery dinner I perform with. So I just wasn't there. Surprisingly she still talked to me afterwards, but I'm bad with first dates.