Comedy Centerfold: Liz Barksdale

Welcome to Comedy Centerfold, where we feature a Dallas Comedy House (DCH) performer and get to know him or her a little better by using questions that Playboy centerfolds are usually asked. Liz BarksdaleThe St. Petersburg streets were sparse with people. It was an unusually cold winter. A frozen ham leaned against the butcher's door. A tree creaked. Around a corner came Ms. Barksdale, her hands deep into her pockets. She stepped upon a park bench and opened a small notepad. She spoke like an eloquent empress, but alas, few could understand her as English was not their language. But one man understood her words and raised his hand. Ms. Barksdale stepped off the bench and took him by the elbow and lead them both away into the late afternoon. These two, brave souls are the reason you can read translated literature in English. All of it. They're 100 percent responsible for it. While her friend has since retired, Ms. Barksdale has not and often finds inspiration on stage. You can thank her for the gift of translation when she performs with her troupes Clarissa Explained Nothing (October 13, DCH; September 30, Pocket Sandwich Theater), and Autocomplete (September 23 and October 4, Pocket Sandwich Theater).


Hometown? Arlington, Texas.

Guilty Pleasures? I used to read a lot of comments on the Internet, and I used to watch a lot of Hoarders. I've cut down on comments and basically stopped with the Hoarders. But sometimes, it's still the most gratifying thing in the world to watch a bunch of reality TV and then go on some online forum and read thousands of comments and arguments and conspiracy theories about said reality TV.

Ambitions? To continue becoming slowly better at things I do, e.g.: writing, improv, working at a library, taking myself less seriously. I started a bullet journal a few months ago. It's pretty useful. It doesn't have to look nice like the ones on Pinterest, or even be super organized. I mean, it can, but it doesn't HAVE to be. I really don't want anyone to Google "Bullet Journaling" and feel defeated -- that is a mini-ambition.

Best Concert? Matt and Kim. I am somewhat stodgy. Very few other acts can make me think, "Oh! I will buy a ticket to this event and then I will, unquestionably, dance."

Favorite Book? I need a new answer to some of these questions because my opinions kind of froze when I was 17 years old and new things were extra awesomely new to me. My book opinion then was Notes from Underground. My very worldly 17-year-old opinion was also that Notes was like a better version of Crime and Punishment with a lot of the boring stuff cut out. Heck, I'll stand by that opinion. Come at me, Russian lit connoisseurs.

Station Eleven is also amazing and not all 19th century.

Favorite Movie? Walk Hard is my favorite comedy. Favorite drama's maybe Adaptation. Or Gattaca -- another holdover opinion from when I was 17 that's still pretty dang good.

Favorite TV Show? Mystery Science Theater 3000. It's going to be rebooted soon! I'm also really fond of Awkward Black Girl and BoJack Horseman.

Pets? Suzy and Sophie, who are both cats. They are both annoying and wonderful in their own ways. Suzy is fluffy and black, and Sophie is a gray tabby. Sophie's name was originally The Producer, but I decided that's not the best name for a cat.

Foods I Crave? I have this big bag of frozen paneer in my freezer right now. It's like Indian vegetarian cheese. I just learned you can keep a big bag of this stuff in your freezer. This big bag of frozen cheese thing is old news to some, but it's still pretty new to me, and I'm stoked. Those chile relleno crepes at Cafe Brazil. That Ben and Jerry's flavor where they put a massive chocolate cookie in the middle. Boom Chocalotta! The exclamation point is part of the name. It's horribly embarrassing. But so good.

People I Admire? Issa Rae is a very admirable actor/director/showrunner/comedian person to me.

In general, people who do the right thing even when it's a pain/boring and when they don't get much credit for it.

Dream Role? I don't really think about dream roles... I guess my big insane dream would be to write a Very Serious Novel that garnered High Acclaim, but then I'd go on Book TV on CSPAN2 and the right person would be home sick at the right time, flip the channel to CSPAN2 and think, "Wait...this one lady is weird AF, let's get her to host SNL."

Favorite Song to Sing? There is a 1979 song called "Moskau" by a German pop group called Dschinghis Khan. Go look up the video. Listen and observe. I know what you're thinking. What the hell is going on? What is with that one dude? And the other dude? And the dramatically whispered part?!

I don't know, I love it.

Good First Date Idea? I just learned that TGI Friday's was a *totally* different animal in the 1970s, so a time machine and TGI Friday's.