Comedy Centerfold: Melanie Gotz

Welcome to Comedy Centerfold, where we feature a Dallas Comedy House performer and get to know him or her a little better by using questions that Playboy centerfolds are usually asked. Melanie GotzThe date was March 30, 1974, and Melanie Gotz paced in the hallway of Performance Studios in New York. She used the lit end of one cigarette to light another and kept eying the door. Behind it was a band about to make its debut. She knew the members from her days at Forest Hills High School and watched them practice, even suggesting at one point to start off each song with a "1-2-3-4" for added energy. All she wanted was her band, her friends, to do well. She even brought her drumsticks in case help was needed, telling each band member earlier that she "had their back."

While she's out of the music game, she's now known for having the backs of people in the improv world where you can watch her perform with the troupes Dork Lords, Friends University, and Revenge Society. Look closely, and you'll still see her count off "1-2-3-4" before each scene.

Hometown? I claim DFW because I had all my awkward teen years here, but I actually was a nomad with several hometowns before that. I was born in Detroit, moved to Virginia, then Pittsburgh, then Chicago, and finally landed in Highland Village, Texas, when I was 13.

Guilty Pleasures? Reading about astrological signs or conspiracies when I should be working.

Ambitions? Oh man. Being on Saturday Night Live would be really awesome. I want to change the way people think through comedy. I want to brainwash people through comedy.

Best Concert? I really hate big concerts where I can’t drunkenly thrash around and feel like the band is thinking, “Hey that girl seems like fun” (that’s what my drunk brain thinks, they really are thinking “wow who is this terror”). So my favorite memories are always at small venues with smaller bands such as CBDB, Somebody’s Darling, Criminal Birds, and Dance Gavin Dance.

Favorite Book? I don’t read. I really liked Holes? I like hearing about books people have read, I just don’t want to read it myself. Human SparkNotes, if you will.

Favorite Movie? I don’t watch movies much either. My reasoning is that I always got jealous of the characters having an adventure, so I went out and had my own instead of reading/watching about other people’s. Of the few I’ve seen, I really loved Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Favorite TV Show? New Girl.

Pets? I am the stepmother of my roommate’s two kitties named Dany and Millie. Sometimes they are angels, sometimes I contemplate murder (sorry Lane).

Foods I Crave? Burgers. Cookies. Watermelon.

People I Admire? Beyoncé. She inspires me more than I would ever like to admit. Any confident, badass, female performer I am instantly drawn to. Beyoncé dominates that category.

Dream Role? A psycho villain of any sort because who don’t love turnin' on the crazy?!

Favorite Song to Sing? "IGNITION REMIX." It just never. Gets. Old.

Good First Date Idea? Any sort of fun activity so you don’t have to sit across from me and stare into my awkwardness. Also, so you don’t have to see how much alcohol I’m drinking.