Comedy Centerfold: Theresa Pegues

Each week, or maybe every other week if we’re lazy, we’ll feature a Dallas Comedy House performer and get to know him or her a little better by using questions that Playboy centerfolds are usually asked. If you’d like to volunteer to be a centerfold before we come for you, email us and let us know. The only requirement is that we need a full-length, CLOTHED, photo of yourself for, you know, the centerfold part. Theresa PeguesThis week: Theresa Pegues, who has been with DCH since 2009 (she's an original gangster). You can catch her performing with Captain Donkeyface and Mr. Ponytail (who's final show is Feb. 23) and Lil' Mr. Dallas. Ask her to play some air piano for you the next time you see her.

Hometown? Hollywood, CA--the hookers and junkies side of town. The glamorous part is a myth.

Guilty Pleasures? Hoarders on A&E and Clean House on Style Network. I'm sensing a theme.

Ambitions? I wanted to say marrying Stanley Tucci, but since he's engaged to someone else now, (FOILED!) I'm going to just say going on an archaeological dig.

Best Concert? Not really into his music, but Bruce Springsteen. The guy knows how to put on a show.

Favorite Book? To Kill a Mockingbird

Favorite Movie? Too many to count, but anything with Gene Kelly in it makes me happy.

Favorite TV Show? Most everything I like gets cancelled immediately, but right now I kind of like Once Upon a Time. Should that be a guilty pleasure?

Pets? One cat, Zoe Alexis, and one dog, Harper Lee (see favorite book).

Foods I Crave? Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and grilled salmon, not necessarily together.

People I Admire? Mother Teresa, Keith Stewart and Carol Burnett.

Dream Role? Evita.

Favorite Song to Sing? "My Baby Just Cares for Me" by Nina Simone. I play a mean air piano.

Good First Date Idea? Since laughter eases tension, anything that would make me giggle--maybe a show at Dallas Comedy House?