Confessions of a Comedy-holic

Confessions of a Comedy-holic is a weekly blog series that features performers of the Dallas Comedy House (DCH). What does it take to be funny? What make someone a great comedian? What brought them to DCH, what kept them staying, and how has it changed their own lives. Celebrities of DCH speak about their journeys in comedy. Local comedians share their story.  Did You Notice?

Cesar VillaIf you have been in DCH more than once, you most likely saw Cesar Villa. It is hard to miss his unique appearance and his kind, yet convincing, approach. We sat at the DCH bar to have a conversation.

Cesar, what brought you to DCH?

I just moved to Texas from Arkansas, and I was looking for some fun things to do. So I’ve signed up for kickball and went to check out the Dallas Comedy House at the same time. But each time I would go to kickball on Wednesday nights, I would think that I would rather be at DCH. So, I signed up for the first comedy class here about a couple of years ago. And I loved it from the first time!

What happened to kickball?

I finished the season. We won a couple of games, but comedy took over. I never looked back.

I see you here almost every day. Tell us what your main responsibilities are here at DCH?

I am a technical director, which means I also schedule all the techs. When I started, it was just three of us. Now it’s up to 13. We are managing different shows going on in two theaters.

It’s a lot of work. How many times per week are you here?

About six times per week. I am also an intern manager, so I am directing all the night interns. Yes, it takes a lot of my time, but I like being here.

What does your wife think about it?

I am not married. Cesar is single.

Not much longer after this info goes around!

We will see.

What do you do outside of DCH?

I work in the pharmaceutical industry.

What are your plans for the future?

I am currently performing in four shows here, three of them perform regularly. I would like to also move to teaching and coaching.

Would you rather teach or coach?

Teaching is the curriculum, which is great. Coaching allows more flexibility and freedom, and moving a group performance to maybe a different direction, which is a fun thing to do!

What do you like most about this place?

The people! Forming relationships. We are kind of like a bunch of misfits that have found each other. One thing I love the most is to see people coming out of their shells after being here for some time, maybe for a few months. We also become like a heart of the community. You can see how much people love coming in and watching our shows and hang out with performers. We all support each other here. We all become friends. That is a great feeling!

What is one thing about you that no one knows here?

I was born in California, and I was playing in a Mariachi band there. I also like to sing.

What brought you to Dallas?

I moved here for work. From California, I first moved to Arkansas, then to Dallas.

If you could change one thing in the entire world, what would you change?

For people to like each other more. One thing improv taught me is not to judge people, and accept them the way they are. Compliment each other, and be specific with your compliments. Notice each other's good moves and build on that. I now use that approach in my everyday life, as well.

Specifics matter. Little things matter. Supporting each other matters.

Yes, exactly.

Well thank you sir, for supporting me in this interview.

Thank you very much.

Iryna Spitzer is a writer and improviser. She is currently in Level 2 at DCH. Besides comedy, she likes drama (to balance it out), also flowers, children, animals, and world peace!