Confessions of a Comedy-holic

Confessions of a Comedy-holic is a weekly blog series that features performers of the Dallas Comedy House (DCH). What does it take to be funny? What make someone a great comedian? What brought them to DCH, what kept them staying, and how has it changed their own lives. Celebrities of DCH speak about their journeys in comedy. Local comedians share their story.  Trained to be the Best.

DCH performers

While writing my blogs about DCH performers, I have noticed some common qualities that they possess. Of course, it was my duty to share this great discovery with you.

  1. DCH performers have sense of humor. Which, of course, seems an obvious feature needed to perform improv. But it is also an awesome quality to possess in real life. Humor will help you to make any situation easier. One timely joke can make a difference in the life of an entire family or entire country. Don’t you think?
  2. They like to please. They know how to listen, how to agree, and how to take a good effort to the next level. They are team players and put the success of the team above their own. Another great quality to be a fond of.
  3. They are attentive. They take a notice, see the positive in a situation, and build on it. They emotionally feed their partners. So they are not selfish, but rather supportive. True? True. What if we saw more of it in everyday life?
  4. They pay attention to how they feel, and are not scared to share the way they feel with their partners. They are great communicators and strive to leave every situation better than the way they entered it. They do what they love to do and have fun with it. Who would not want to have a partner like that in real life?
  5. They are not afraid of challenge, and are looking for the ways to overcome it. Do you have a need to overcome a challenge? Come over to DCH!
  6. Having possessed all these qualities, they are working on improving them over and over and over again. Wishing to improve yourself? Come to improv. These guys spend their weekends entertaining you, but they work on improving themselves constantly, for you to be able to have a few laughs. So, they are hard working too!

But that is not all that I have noticed. Here it goes: many of these people are either single, happily married, or in great relationships. Yes, I said, many are single. That means great relationship-quality people are still available. Right here, at DCH!

So don’t wait any longer, pack your ticket, and get over here to DCH. Because life is short, and you just have to meet these great guys and gals in person. I am definitely grateful that I have!

Iryna Spitzer is a writer and improviser. She is currently in Level 2 at DCH. Besides comedy, she likes drama (to balance it out), also flowers, children, animals, and world peace!  

(Image: Rob Howe)