Congratulations, Graduates!

It's graduation time here at the Dallas Comedy House, and we want to congratulate the students who completed all five levels. They worked hard to get here, so if you see these people, give them a high-five, a hearty handshake, a slap on the back, or a chest bump. Or maybe just buy them drinks. Congratulations, everyone! And remember, our new term starts this Sunday. Registration is still open.

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This term's graduates: Sunny Allison, J. Daniel Beluska, Carolyn Breznik, Destiny Corley, Jonathan Cronson, Vinnie Corrales, Trigg Edwards, Amanda Hernandez, Sophia Kwong, Clint Myers, Julie Schneider, Natalie Starnes, Claire Tiffey, Andrea Baum, Lauren Davis, Jessica Dorrell, Sebastian Goebev, Jason Hackett, Lucio Romero, Dan Sturdivant, Gregory White, Clarissa Cardenas, Kyle Cook, Brittany Crew, Kaari Gerber, Morgan Goetz, Jonathan Hyatt, Darragh McArdle, and Gretchen Young.