DCH Alumni: Where Are They Now? — Brian Moody by Jason Hensel

DCH Alumni: Where Are They Now? explores the lives of former Dallas Comedy House (DCH) students and graduates, showcasing their creativity and how they’ve used lessons from DCH classes in their artistic pursuits.

Brian Moody attended classes and graduated from Dallas Comedy House in 2010-2011. While in Dallas, he regularly performed as a member of Samurai Drunk, a bat troupe called Dr. Doctor, PhD (pronounced Doctor Doctor Doctor), as well as with a team from Denton called Thought for Food. Occasionally, he would sit in with Local Honey.

Then he took off for Chicago to further pursue a career in comedy, taking classes at The Second City and The Annoyance Theatre. While there, though, something else caught his attention.

Professional wrestling is Moody’s primary focus nowadays, and he regularly wrestles under the moniker of Jack Moody. I got in the ring with him to learn more about his career, the wrestling world, and lessons learned from his DCH days.

Photo Credit: 3 Count Photo and Chicago Style Wrestling

Photo Credit: 3 Count Photo and Chicago Style Wrestling

What got you interested in pursuing wrestling as a career?
I was a big fan growing up. When I was little, I loved the Million Dollar Man and Jake “the Snake” Roberts. In the late 1990s, my brother and I got even more into it and watched every Monday and Thursday night and somehow even convinced my dad to take us to WrestleMania 17 in Houston. I started to lose interest once I got into high school. Fast forward to 2013, I was in an improv show based on the world of pro wrestling and started watching again to do research for the show. Once the show wrapped, I found myself still watching because I loved it and a few months later contacted a wrestling school out here.

Where can people see you wrestle?
I predominantly wrestle on the Midwest indie circuit, so I’m on shows around the Chicago and Milwaukee area, as well as southern Illinois, Missouri, and Indiana. I’m a regular for Brew City Wrestling in Milwaukee, which has their shows streaming on Powerbomb.tv.

How did your DCH training prepare you for your wrestling career?
Pro wrestling is 50 percent athletic ability and 50 percent performance, so DCH gave me a huge head start on becoming a halfway decent wrestler. It taught me how to do everything through the lens of my persona and character and react on the fly. It’s pretty common for things to not go as planned in the ring, so being able to react and improvise while maintaining who Jack Moody is has been essential.

How has your wrestling persona changed over time?
Jack Moody was initially supposed to be a play on over-the-top conservative radio hosts, a la Limbaugh and Hannity. That became far less fun around November 2016 (I WONDER WHY??????). From there, Jack Moody became more of a trust-fund douchebag and a liar. Jack was the type of kid who told everyone that he got the PS6 for Christmas, because his dad travels to Japan for work. Now he’s a professional wrestler who tells people he has a win-loss record of Infinity-0.

For people who don’t actively follow the wrestling world, what is something you wish they knew about it?
I wish they knew that there is a lot more out there than WWE. New Japan Pro Wrestling out of Japan and Progress out of the U.K. are both doing amazing things, and there are tons of local shows worth checking out. Also, it’s a performance, but many a black eyes and broken bones proves that this ain’t fake.

From Jua Holt [DCH performer and wrestling aficionado]: Is the Montreal Screwjob a work or a shoot?
Shoot. Haven’t you watched Wrestling with Shadows?

Photo Credit: 3 Count Photo and Chicago Style Wrestling

Photo Credit: 3 Count Photo and Chicago Style Wrestling

What are some of your favorite DCH memories?
My favorite memories are just hanging out with my buds in Samurai Drunk. Our shows were just us playing around and having fun. I also always enjoyed bartending at DCH. I made so many friends just slinging drinks and talking to people. Also, having way too many drinks with Paulos [Feerow] and having to sleep it off on the old lobby couch.

Any last things you’d like to tell current DCH students and soon-to-be graduates?
You’re in a good place. The things you learn from classes and performing on stage at DCH are invaluable. They will make you better and more capable in literally any profession. That includes professions that have you yelling at children and calling them “Trash Babies.”

Also, talk to people you don’t know. If you’ve seen someone around, but have never had a conversation with them, try to strike one up. Some of my favorite friendships have started with small talk and doing dumb bits at DCH. I know I’m not the only one who feels that way, too.


This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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