The Dallas Comedy House Scholarship Program Launches

DCH This year, the Dallas Comedy House (DCH) is launching a formal scholarship program to assist students financially with the cost of tuition, because the cost of classes shouldn't be a barrier for people who are genuinely interested in learning more and developing as a comedian.

The new scholarship program is open for applicants to apply year-round, but applications will only be reviewed and scholarships awarded twice a year - once in March and again in September. While all are encouraged to apply, the scholarship is specifically geared to supporting potential students who will add to the diversity of the training center and theater. The belief is that diversity in experience and culture help to foster creativity and, when we have a diverse class and theater, comedy is elevated on all levels. Diversity here is meant in the broadest sense: from military service men and women to race and ethnicity to sexual orientation. Applicants are encouraged to explain how they will bring a unique perspective and experience to the Dallas Comedy House.

The number of scholarships awarded will be dependent on available funds. Scholarships can be given for as little as one level and as many as five levels of the program. Funding a DCH scholarship is not tax deductible.

If you or your organization are interested in sponsoring a scholarship, please e-mail me at

To learn more about the scholarship program and to apply, click here.

Maggie Rieth Austin is the training center director at DCH.