David Razowsky Returns to Dallas

Back by popular demand, David Razowsky will be conducting workshops the last weekend in September at Dallas Comedy House. After four sold out workshops and an amazing show at the Dallas Comedy Festival in March 2011, we’re bringing him back for another round! Registration is now available for Razowsky workshops!

David Razowsky is one of the top teachers of theatrical improvisation and acting. He has been called “the guru of improvisation, an improviserʼs improviser,” who connects the mindfulness of Buddhism with improvisationʼs core principals of being in the moment, taking care of your partner, and groundedness. In his 25-year improvisation career David has worked with The Second City, iO West, The Steppenwolf Theatre Company, Dreamworks, BBCʼs Whose Line Is It Anyway, and Amsterdamʼs Boom Chicago Theatre. He was Artistic Director of The Second City Training Center Los Angeles, has been honored with an INNY award for Best Improv Coach, and is adjunct faculty in the California State University system. He has been a featured performer and lecturer at the Chicago Improv Festival, The San Francisco Improv Festival, the Vancouver Improv Festival, and The Kennedy Center. David continues to act and direct professionally in Los Angeles.

INSTANT CHARACTERS Friday, September 30th 4:30-7:30PM Instant Characters – Building strong characters starts the moment your foot hits the floor, not the moment you start “thinking.” This workshop will focus on the organic unfolding of character based on that first step. Characters are richer, instantly fleshed out and exciting, all leading to playing people youʼve never inhabited, in scenes youʼve never before played. More being…less thinking! $40

GROUP SCENES REDUCED Saturday, October 1st 11:30-2:30PM Group Scenes Reduced – A group scene doesnʼt have to be a confusing or feared clusterfunk. Get yourself into that scene! Razowskyʼs workshop will show how the art of the three-person (+!) scene is simple once itʼs broken down, leading you to stronger, challenging, surprising, and easy long-form scenes. Start it out right, heighten it, move it forward, and keep it moving. Come join us: we need you! $40

THE BEAT GOES ON Saturday, October 1st 3:30-6:30PM The Beat Goes On – Join us if youʼve ever wondered how two or three actors can play out a 40-minute set in one continuous location. Discover how awareness and “present-ness” keeps a scene going while you were thinking it was “finished.” By being mindful and aware you can keep playing a scene indefinitely, one thatʼs intriguing, full and exciting…and thatʼs a good thing! A scene only ends when you think it does. So stop thinking, start feeling and keep going! $40