DCF14: The Jeff Show

547368This week, we asked our usual What We're Loving contributors to write about what they have been or will be loving at this year's Dallas Comedy FestivalToday, David Allison offers his potentially confrontational take on a certain act from Springfield, MO.  Personally, I’m most excited to watch The Jeff Show. Besides the base level of anticipation I get for seeing something new, I can’t wait to confront the people that stole my idea for a show. I should clarify, by “confront,” I mean view, and by “stole my idea for a show,” I mean that I had a random idea, never did anything with it, and now someone from somewhere else thought of it on their own and is actually doing it. It’s just like when I thought, “Hey, it’d be cool to have a tiny box that would hold a thousand songs,” and then found out that the iPod had been invented. The same thing happened with dishwashers. Those times, I got to enjoy my idea without putting any work into it, and the same thing is going to happen Friday.

The Jeff Show features players from Springfield, Missouri, that create a mixed media experience. Two actors forge a completely improvised show while an artist, inspired by their show, creates a painting. This is all perfect for me as I get to appreciate a cool format I thought of without going through the trouble of finding someone that can paint. Come check out their show on Friday at 9 (Preorder tickets here for $10 or buy them at the door for $15). And if you hate people from Springfield, painting, my ideas, or whatever, there’s a full week of stand-up and improv, a schedule for which can be found here.

See David Allison during the Festival on Thursday at 10:30 with Radio! Radio! and Saturday at 7:00 with David & Terry. Also, he's hosting on Friday if that's important to you (It's not). When he's not at the Dallas Comedy House, he's somewhere else; his existence spreads beyond the confines of stage.