DCF2015: Human Pyramids and Knee Claps

16943563025_075d62da7a_z Day 3 of the Dallas Comedy Festival has come and gone, and I'm currently running on 11 hours of sleep over the last three days. It's cool. I can still stream together words in a sentence. We'll see if that holds up by Saturday night.

Last night's performances featured some stellar improv and stand-up acts from places like New York, San Diego, and Oklahoma. Three of the troupes used punctuation marks as part of their names, one group refused to talk out loud to each other on stage, another group featured two of the tallest men in improv, and Landon Kirksey made a surprise stand-up appearance.

There was also this reminder:

And a good rule of thumb:

What's that? You want some photos? Okay.

I Am the Show

The Rift


Samurai Drunk

Check out this page for more photos.

Tonight, the festival kicks off at 6 p.m. and concludes with two sold-out shows later in the evening.