DCF2015: Pure & Weary

Pure and Weary It's week three of my interview travels, and because I know that you haven't stopped thinking about girl power since I referenced the Spice Girls (#zigazigha) in my interview with Bad Example last week, I decided to sit down with Pure & Weary, a delightful lady duo out of Chicago.

Selfishly, I’m using these interviews as a way to live out my never fulfilled dream as a traveling reporter. That being said, this interview is obviously taking place in person and somewhere interesting. Where are we, and name five things that you see.

Leah Frires: "Well, we're are currently at Katherine's apartment in Chicago where we do all our writing. Katherine Biskupic: Well, where would we be, Leah? If we could be anywhere? At the Romantic Inn & Suites where we'll be staying in Dallas, Texas, conveniently located 6.9 miles away from the Dallas Comedy Festival? L: No, no. We gotta be cooool like she's gonna write about us in Rolling Stone. Like, we're at this hipster coffee shop where the tattooed waitress keeps stopping by to begrudgingly ask us if we need anything. We don't. K: Unless you want a cookie. Seriously, they're the best in town. Tori, you have to try one. Excuse me, miss! One cookie! L: Well now that we're here at Chez Amelia Bedelia, here are five things we see. ONE: an orthodox jew reading the Trib. (That's Chicago Tribune for the out-of-towners) K: TWO: Oh, I didn't notice they had creme brulee! Well, I see that! And I want it! Miss? L: THREE: A snowflake. Damn it Chicago! It's mid-March. Enough already! K: FOUR: I see a chubby baby that's just cute enough to keep me happy and entertained but disgusting enough to make me aware that I'm nowhere near motherhood. L: FIVE: I see... L&K: A taco-shaped cloud. Oh my god, I saw that, too!

Cool spot. Thanks for helping to make my cookie-loving, hipster dreams come true. Speaking of places, where in the fifty nifty United States are you ladies from, and what’s a fun fact about that place?

L: I'm from Cleveland, Ohio. The Cleve. The land OF Cleve. You know the one. It rocks? I'm not mad at LeBron, and fun fact about Cleveland, the best milkshakes in the world can be found at Tommy's Restaurant. K: I'm from Appleton, Wisconsin, which is a little bigger than it sounds, but just as cute. Fun fact, Willem Dafoe and Harry Houdini are from Appleton, Wisconsin.

Your show is called Wing Women…do you have any good stories about playing the role of wing woman for each other in real life?

L: Ahhh, where to start, where to start. I guess Kingston Mines? K: Ahhh, Kingston Mines. Our first wing woman outing. Kingston Mines is an amazing live blues bar in Chicago with a double stage. When one band is playing, the other is setting up, and they switch back and forth all night long. L: From 9 p.m. to 4 a.m. Non.Stop. Blues. It's the best. K: Right. So we go there a lot, mostly to see Joanna Connor, one of the best female blues guitarists I have ever seen. L: Damn can she wail. K: Right. So we're there. I was freshly single, and Leah tried to get me to talk to a couple guys next to us. L: To get her back in the game. K: Right. So I couldn't do it. L: So I pushed her. Into him. K: Right. And then I ran to the bathroom. L: And our story would have ended there, but when she came out, they were sitting at a table with two extra chairs. I invited ourselves to sit down with them. And what do you know. K: We hit it off. L: They hit it off. K: He was into blues AND jazz music and suggested we take in a nightcap at the Green Mill, another great Chicago music spot. L: I was not at all interested because his friend was....nice. K: But we went anyway because— L&K: Wing women. L: And The End. He moved to Milwaukee a week later. K: But it was still a great night.

You gals have GREAT taste—back in my Chicago days, Joanna Connor was my hero. Speaking of bad-ass women in the creative world, why do you think comedy is important for women? Why do you think women are important to comedy?

K: We think comedy is important for everybody. Laughter heals. L: Comedy is another outlet for all people (women included) to comment on life and relate with others around them...by making fun of their world and themselves. K: Women are equipped with the empathy to create great stories. They're great listeners and observers of the world. L: People say women aren't funny, and that's bullhockey. So, it's important for women to prove those people wrong.

Soooo, tell me more about these homemade sweets in your show description….

L: Katherine, you wanna take this one? K: As you might have guessed from question No. 1, I love a good baked good. We wrote a parody sketch of the TV show Breaking Bad called Baking Bad. L: No spoilers. You'll just have to come and see it.

Anything else important we should know before we welcome you from Chicago?

K: We have never been to Dallas, and we're very friendly. We'd love to talk to everybody. If you see a tall blonde or a loud Jew, please come talk to us! L: Also, where's the best spot for pizza? K: And tacos. L: And blues. Do you guys have blues? K: And ice cream! L: Oh hell yeah, and ice cream. L&K: THE END.

Pure & Weary performs Friday, March 27, at 6 p.m. with Field Day and David & Terry. Tickets are on sale now.

Tori Oman is a level three student at DCH. She’s trained and performed with the Second City and iO in L.A. and Chicago. Favorite pastimes include being irrationally competitive at Monopoly, eating an apple in every country she’s traveled to, and being the sole person on this planet that thinks Necco Wafers are a delicious candy choice.

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