DCF2016: Forever Dog

It’s almost that time again! Obviously, the most wonderful time of the year, Dallas Comedy Festival (DCF) kicks off on Tuesday, March 22. To help you put together your festival schedule, we want to make sure you get to know as many of the fabulous out-of-town acts as possible that will be dropping into Dallas Comedy House. Forever DogForever Dog, based in New York and Los Angeles, are multi-taskers. And that’s putting it lightly. These guys do a little bit of everything! Co-founder, Joe Cilio, let me in on what we can expect from his and Alex Ramsey’s (also a Forever Dog co-founder) sketch show at DCF, as well as the awesome stuff we can look forward to from the Forever Dog team this year.

Get to know Forever Dog!

Describe what your show at this year’s Dallas Comedy Festival will be like. (Without, you know, giving everything away…) What’s it called?

Our show is called “All the Kinds of Comedy.” It’s a two-person show in which we showcase a hyper-theatrical, energetic but polished voice. The material is very meticulous in its design but you can expect a lot of high energy, a goofy show, something like watching people having a heart attack. A very thought out heart attack.

A bit of a loaded question here: Forever Dog Productions does everything from podcasts, short films, plays, live shows and more. WOAH! First, what inspires/influences all of this awesome material?

We work with tons of people with tons of different backgrounds in New York. Our fellow writers, dancers, and directors, the core of the group, that’s where we draw a lot of inspiration from. We’re also really inspired by dramas. We really love classic novels and epic movies and plays. And as far as comedy goes, we love the same things as everyone else does, you know? Monty Python, Tim and Eric, but I think the most interesting things we draw inspiration from are just those things we don’t have enough money to do. That spectacle! We like to put on a show as if we have $6,000,000, when we really have like, $60!

Please visit the Dallas Comedy Festival blog to learn more about Forever Dog and to purchase tickets.

Megan Radke is currently a Level 3 student at DCH. She is a copywriter and social media manager by day and an essayist and mediocre musician by night. She is a constant consumer of books, music, film, and all things comedy. She is also great at racking up copious amounts of credit card debt with spur-of-the-moment travel.