DCF2016: Kaitlin Marone

It’s almost that time again! Obviously, the most wonderful time of the year, Dallas Comedy Festival (DCF) kicks off on Tuesday, March 22. To help you put together your festival schedule, we want to make sure you get to know as many of the fabulous out-of-town acts as possible that will be dropping into Dallas Comedy House. Kaitlin MaroneMeet New Orleans-based comedian and writer, Kaitlin Marone!

What can we expect from your set at DCF? (Without, you know, giving everything away…)

I am really enjoying this beautiful, dark, twisted fantasy of a presidential race.

I read that when you were growing up, you would record your own episodes of All Things Considered. I did the same thing! But, my radio shows were basically just made up traffic reports and taking calls from callers who weren’t there. What were your stories like?

 Cool, I never would have taken on traffic reports, too dangerous! I can't actually remember my stories. I just remember always, always assuming the role of Corey Flintoff. He was an anchor at the time, but now he's the Russia Correspondent, and to this day I find his voice to be the most soothing out of everyone on the show. Sometimes I think if I had grown up in the Steve Inskeep era of All Things Considered I would be a much worse-off person than I am today. Is this too deep into NPR? Steve Inskeep is a goon.

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Megan Radke is currently a Level 3 student at DCH. She is a copywriter and social media manager by day and an essayist and mediocre musician by night. She is a constant consumer of books, music, film, and all things comedy. She is also great at racking up copious amounts of credit card debt with spur-of-the-moment travel.