DCH'S First Pun Contest

PunDo you like the punny? Are you puntasic with words? Do you see everything through a pun-ism? Well, then, you may be interested in our first pun contest. Here are the details: - Four teams of three people will compete. - There will be an elimination round each round until we declare a winner. - The first few rounds will include pre-written puns, with the categories given to the teams 48 hours in advance. - The remaining rounds will be performed on the spot, with just a little bit of prep time after the topics are given. - Anyone can enter. You don't have to be a comedian/performer. Ad agency nerds tend to do well with puns, so this is a great opportunity for them. - There's a prize at the end: $50 Uncle Uber's Gift Card and $50 DCH Gift card! Hooray for prizes!

TO ENTER a team of three contestants, you need to send submissions to: dchpuntimes@gmail.com 1. First/Last Names of All Team Members 2. Email addresses of All Team Members 3. Team Name 4. (3) Punny Newspaper Headlines About The State Fair of Texas 5. Optional: A team picture of the three members together!

The four teams will be selected based on their State Fair pun entries.

Ready? Set? Pun!