Deep Ellum's Potential Subway System

Hi there! Amanda here from Dallas Comedy House. I’m reaching out to all of our friends and fans to ask for your help with the potential D2 rail system that would take over Deep Ellum. Traveling Man

The short version: DART has an opportunity to bring a new rail system to DFW that would change the way the metroplex commutes. Right now, it’s slated to be above ground with a pathway that would essentially cut Deep Ellum off from the city on both ends. With additional funding, DART could take this system underground and develop a true subway system for the DFW metroplex that would forever change the way we all commute for the better.

Unfortunately, DART is refusing to ask for more funding from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). They have not conducted the proper analysis of how it would affect Deep Ellum, nor have they held a public meeting in Deep Ellum to discuss how it would change our neighborhood. We here at DCH and in Deep Ellum are working to make sure DART takes the proper steps to ask for additional funding and conduct more research before trying to put this subway above ground, rather than below.

I’m asking for your support in two ways:

  1. Please sign this petition. By signing this petition, you’re asking our city council to require DART to conduct more research on how it would affect our neighborhood and significantly increase traffic problems and decrease connectivity from surrounding neighborhoods into Deep Ellum. After this research is completed, they can ask for more money from the FTA, which is, in fact, still available for this project.
  2.  Show up next Monday night (8/15 at 6:30pm) at the Bomb Factory! Since DART has not held a public forum for the community of Deep Ellum to discuss the D2 project, we (Deep Ellum) are holding our own! The meeting is free for all to attend, the bar will be open for business, and it’s a great way to learn more about this potential rail system and how we can all work together to move it underground. Here's a link to the event:

If you’d like to read more about the D2 project, check out the links I’ve included below.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for your continued support of Dallas Comedy House and Deep Ellum.

-Amanda Austin