Find Your Role in Life; Support This Series

Supporting Roles I'm sure you've heard the phrase, "It takes a village." Well, if you're in the movie-making business, that village consists of directors, camera operators, script supervisors, production assistants, grips, actors, make-up artists, etc. In other words, to make anything of consistent quality needs a whole heck of a lot of people to create and support it.

The theme of support is what runs through a new Web series created by Dallas Comedy House (DCH) graduate and teacher Sarah Adams and Brandi Hollsten. Supporting Roles is described by them as the story of "two aspiring actresses helping emotionally support each other's ridiculous lives and ridiculous auditions. Loosely based on ridiculous real people."

The well-made series is off to a good start, and the cast and crew are ready to produce more content. That's where you come in, so we recently spoke with Adams to learn more about the series and how others can help support more episodes.

How did this project get started and what was the inspiration behind it?

Brandi and I first met when we were paired up together at a callback in Austin. I believe my first words to Brandi were, "Hey, don’t f*ck this up," she looked at me and laughed. We went in and crushed the callback AND wound up booking the spot together (here’s the magical spot A few weeks later, we were back in Austin at another callback together. It was those chance meetings and auditions that stated the thought process of, "Hey, we like working together, we should do something about that." So we met up after an audition for lunch, like real friends, and took inspiration from our crazy life as women and actors. We loved the idea of women supporting women and placed in a world that doesn’t necessarily encourage that.

How long did it take to get from idea to completion of the first episode?

We had our first brainstorming meeting in August 2014. I believe we had the final draft done by end of December, secured our fantastic director, Travis Aitken, March-ish, shot the first episode end of April, and posted the first episode June 3. And now we are here, almost exactly a year later. Wow - I think this might be the first time I wrote out that timeline - that’s pretty incredible if I do say so myself.

What is the biggest challenge you and the crew face filming each episode?

Challenge? Oh man, if I’m being honest, filming the first three episodes was the easy part. We had a great director (Travis) a fantastic DP (Jake Wilganowski), and support from NameTag Films that made shooting a breeze. The real challenge came when we had to eat the barbecue sandwich over and over and over and over …. #actorproblemz

What advice do you offer for others seeking to produce a Web series?

Keeping with the honesty trend, this is hard. Like, really hard. The only reason we are able to do any of this is due to the support we’ve received along the way - there is no way we could do this alone. I’m pretty sure Brandi and I touch base/send dog videos at least three times a day. Then the support we’ve received from Travis, NameTag, Post Asylum, and Pure Evil Music & Sound Design to get this from script to screen has been beyond anything we ever expected. And the support we’ve received from the DCH community - from volunteering to be PAs on set (Joseph Delgado and  Isabel Lopez) to being on camera (Lindsay Goldapp, Alicia Sherrod, and Joseph) to now contributing to our Seed&Spark campaign … well, that just takes the cake. So my advice? You can’t do this alone, but you can do this with support …. dare I say a Supporting Role (see what I did there).

Finally, how can someone get involved with the production, whether that be as a actor, production crew, funding, etc.?

Right now, we would love for folks to share our series, support our Seed&Spark campaign, and like the Supporting Roles Facebook page. ALSO! We have a really cool Live Script Reading and Fundraising event on Saturday, August 8, at DCH. The event is 100 percent free to attend, starts at 3:30 p.m., and everyone who contributes financially to the campaign by 5 p.m. on the 8th is entered to win a walk-on role. RSVP via this super cool Facebook Event page: