Funny Business

Comedy is never relegated to just clubs, TV or cats. It can be a part of a business, too, and a recent Inc. article by Steve Cody explains how it can help people be better leaders.

Did you know that 81 percent of respondents in a poll of Fortune's "most admired" companies said they worked in a fun environment? What about that 75 percent of respondents to a Society of Human Resource Management poll believe companies that promote fun at work are more effective than those who don't? What about—hold onto your hats—that nearly two-thirds of workers polled by Robert Half said it's very important for managers to possess a sense of humor?

The article is a great read and one I suggest sending to your boss (unless your boss is Will Ferrell; he's got funny locked up).

Another thing you can send to your boss or HR department is information about our corporate training program. We can teach you, your boss and everyone in between the basics of improv and comedy so that all will listen better, treat every kinder and pretty much be bad asses. It'll definitely be more fun than climbing ropes or Hawaiian shirt day.