Grads, Grads, and more Grads!

We did. Again. Another packed weekend of student showcases on top of our regularly scheduled shows. And we're so proud of our latest round of graduates. Thanks to their family and friends for supporting them this weekend and letting us steal them for 10 months while they furthered their comedy education. And a huge thanks/hugs to them for their commitment to finishing the program. If you see these folks around DCH, give them a hug or buy them a beer. Or both. They've earned it. Curious about our training center? Well, who better to tell you about it than our students. Read about Konrad Stoick's most recent Level 1 Improv Class Experience. Or see what current improv performer/instructor Sarah Wyatt had to say about taking a Level 1 Sketch Writing Class. And Mike Corbett was really happy to be back in the saddle after a year off from classes.

Make a few memories, have some fun, maybe change your life. You'll never know until you register for a class! 

Denton Graduates: Averie Bell, Christian Kramer, Lissa Pappas, Eric Shaddix, Jonathan Gentry, Nkechi Chibueze, Rachel Gunnels, Jenna Slavely

Dallas Grads: Bonnie Lumley, Lauren Oxford, Trevor Wendt, Katie Pedroza, Cesar Villa, Milo Smith, Krista Brooks