Hey Now, We Have a One-Night Only Sketch Show

Butt Stuff Sketch ShowThe Dallas Comedy House presents a new sketch show for one night only, and that night is tonight, May 20. The show is called Butt Stuff, and with all things backside, more needed to be known. Lauren Davis and Paulos Feerow fill us in on the details. Who is in the show? Lauren: The show is me, Paulos Feerow, Jeremy Schmidt, Andrew Woods, Tyler Simpson, Justin James, and Dante Martinez. Just a bunch of dirtbag stand-ups trying to make good.

What's the show about? Paulos: We tried to write the show so obscurely that everyone left there with their own meaning—it means everything and nothing at the same time. Also a bunch of 1990's references.

Where did the idea for the show come from? Lauren: These are a bunch of the funniest people I know but we're also all comics so we're lazy and easily distracted. With our powers combined, though, we have made what can without any stretch of the imagination be described as a "series of sketches." And even though we each wrote one, it was super collaborative and we made decisions as a collective mostly, which was sometimes frustrating but really fun because everyone's so funny and we're all learning how to do this together.

Why this show, at this time, for this generation? Paulos: We're tackling some pretty heavy issues with this show. Everything from dates to pop stars from different generations to superheroes and recent movies—the stuff that the liberal media is too afraid to touch!

How will this show change a viewer's life? Paulos: In all honesty, if the viewers come in with open hearts and open minds they will probably be enlightened or something. Honestly, I'm not sure. Not sure what enlightenment is. Hey, did you watch the Mad Men series finale? Wait, where are you going?

The Butt Stuff sketch show happens tonight, May 20, at 8 p.m. Improv troupe CLR also performs in the same time slot. Get your tickets now