How to Give a Good One-Word Suggestion

pineapple Audience member, it is now your turn. The performers are on stage ready to do some mix-em-ups and they need you. Every show starts basically the same. “Hey guys, we are The Monthly Junk and we need a one-word suggestion from the audience." This is it, this is your moment to speak in front of 75 strangers. So, to help you not screw it up, here are some tips for words to shout out.

Always yell first. Improvisers will hear a lot of words from a lot of people. They will only remember and use the first word they hear. Proven fact.

Be loud. It’s a comedy show; loud is good. Use your outside voice, like your mama used to say.

Don't cuss or use a word that must be looked up on Urban Dictionary. If you do this, I will be stuck for the next 15 minutes trying to figure out what the word you just yelled is. For my sake, don’t make me think.

When in doubt, always say a food. People like food. Great chance that the improvisers have eaten before so they have some context. Also, this will make most of the audience hungry and they will order food.   

Having your word used to inspire the troupe is fun to see. You feel like you were part of the action, and you start thinking of the word you will shout next time. Circle of life stuff, folks.

Ghost Watcher is a regular, DCH audience member.

(Image: Ronaldo Lima Jr./Creative Commons)