If DCH Had a Suggestion Box, Here is What I Would Fill it With

suggestion box A suggestion box. That’s what Dallas Comedy House (DCH) needs. Something to give the power back to the audience. Did we ever have it? No clue, but let's get it back. Here are a few of my suggestions.

$1 Beer night Nothing bad could come of this.

VIP parking for people who attend at least three shows a week. This one is just for me.

Mints in the bathroom Who doesn’t enjoy a good mint after drinking well bourbon?

A show for millennials where they just tweet suggestions. Have the TV show a live feed of the hashtag for that night. That one is actually good. If anyone takes it and runs with it, please buy me a Liz Lemon shot.

A Pac-Man machine in the lobby. No one will ever play it, but people will walk by and say, “Cool…” and move along.

A scale placed in the bar that rates each show. Everyone is handed a piece of paper as they leave the theatre. The audience rates the show on a scale of one to 10. You give the paper to the bar and they calculate the votes. Can you imagine performers gathering around in the bar after a show and waiting on the scale to show what we really thought of them? After the votes are tallied, the number goes up. Wait, that’s not fun. Scratch that idea.

Suggestion box. It can turn my dreams into reality.

Ghost Watcher is a regular, DCH audience member.

(Image: KennyThong Candid/Creative Commons)