Intern of the Week: Drew Lipowicz!

Everybody meet Drew! He's our latest Intern of the Week! Drew is no stranger to the DCH intern program, and is always willing to help others feel welcome and supported. When it comes to answering questions, lending a hand, or even covering shifts, Drew is the man! If you see him interning on Wednesday nights (look for the guy singing or telling jokes!), introduce yourself! You can also learn more about Drew by reading this compelling interview we had eight feet away from one another via walkie talkies.

Here's a picture of Drew giving a TED Talk about Dr. Edward Howard Fluffles.

Here's a picture of Drew giving a TED Talk about Dr. Edward Howard Fluffles.

Q: What has been your most memorable experience so far at Dallas Comedy House?

Definitely my first showcase with my Level 1 class. Ever since I’ve come to Dallas my Level 1 class has become a source of support for me. Great friends working together in the culmination of our Showcase.

Also, shout out to Allie & Donald. Best Level 1 teachers.

Q: What was your favorite subject in high school?

Beth, I know I seem like the peak of macho masculinity and overall physical perfection on first glance, but inside beats the heart of a poet. I was always partial to speech classes and theatre stuff. I’ve been caught many a times singing while cleaning up Tharp after a show.

But if we go for a classic subject, I would say History & English Literature. The stories of human history and what we have to say about ourselves is fascinating.

Q: Besides comedy, what other hobbies do you have?

Like 95% of Ms. America contestants, I like to sing. I also like to write. I’m kinda self-conscious about writing so I hope to get my writings out there more.

Q: What's the best movie you've seen recently? 

I’m trying to think of the most obscure movie I know so I can seem artsy and deep. Probably Les Intouchables or The Other Guys for the 50th time.

Best recent movie I’ve seen is Hunt for The Wilderpeople. Taiki Waititi is amazing. 

Q: How do you feel about people giving their pets human names?

If you’re gonna give pets human names, give them full human names. I want them to have middle and last names, and if appropriate, titles too.

Ex: Dr. Edward Howard Fluffles.

Q: What's a fun fact about you not a lot of people know?

I can speak German (badly) from my time living in Munich. I've been to four continents, trying to do all seven. Most of my front teeth are fake. Finally, I’m distantly related to the founder of the Mormon church.