It's An Election Year

Improvisation NewsI'd like to help kick off this monumental election year by letting you know that the 2012 INNY Awards Nomination Ballot is now available to fill out. The INNY what? The INNY Award is sponsored by Improvisation News each year to recognize excellence in the improv industry all across America. Winners are selected trough an online voting process. And winners receive a prize package, an INNY statuette, and most importantly, bragging rights.

Now, I'm not saying you have to nominate anyone for the awards, nor am I begging you to vote, but if you happen to find yourself facing the nomination ballot, just maybe, if you want, you know, maybe, throw in some DCH-based nominations. No pressure.

But seriously, if you don't nominate you'll make our American flag cry eagle tears that will poison Native American lands who will then come back and haunt the house that you built on it because YOU DON'T LOVE AMERICA!

So, yeah, that link again: 2012 INNY Awards Nomination Ballot.