It's Graduation Time

We graduated another group of great ambassadors of the word "yes" this term. They worked really hard for almost a full year to reach this point, so if you see them, stop in your tracks and give them a loud round of applause. And if you're interested in taking improv classes, our next term begins January 4, 2015. Registration is still open.

Term 6 Graduates 2014

This class' stage name for the showcase was Two Wolves Fighting Over a Pork Chop. One of the student's mom made a banner with that name for them to run through on stage.

Two Wolves Fighting Over a Pork Chop

This term's graduates are Michael Aills, Todd Anderton, Laura Bingham, Brent Crable, Chelsea Grogan, Michael Janes, Ryan Meigs, Shannon Mullery, Lindsay Power, Tyler Simpson, Stephen Teng, Vince Valdez, and Eric Warheit.