Know Ya Boo

By Mike Corbett Improv is all about establishing relationships; it’s crucial to set up good ones in any scene, and it’s probably a good idea to have a good one with your fellow troupe members. It should be no surprise then, that improv can often lead to relationships away from the stage, and happily, Dallas Comedy House is brimming with those! We’re home to improvisers who are married, improvisers who are engaged and improvisers whose relationship is strictly platonic. (But we totally ‘ship them anyways) What better way to celebrate these lovely people and their wonderful pairings than to put them against each other in an epic contest to see which pair knows each other the best? In some places it’s known as The Newlywed Game, in others it’s I’m Telling, but here at DCH, we call it…

Not Pictured: Tom Haverford

At 8PM each Thursday night for the rest of July, three pairs of improvisers will face off, answering questions about their partner, hoping to prove they’re more in sync than their opponents. The winning pair will then get to showcase their skills and perform a two person show immediately following the game. And don’t worry about the second and third place pairs; they’ll receive fabulous parting gifts and possibly a lifetime supply of questions regarding just how well they really know their partner.

For the first two weeks, we’ll see pairs of improvisers who are engaged or married, but our third week will explore improviser relationships of a different sort. While some find true love through improv, others find people they just love performing with, and Dallas Comedy House is home to plenty of those pairs as well. For our third show, some of DCH’s longest running two-person troupes will join the game to see how well you get to know someone after years of performing together.

We’ll wrap everything up on July 31st, when our three winning pairs return to battle it out one more time and crown a champion. Grant Redmond will serve as our hosts and master of ceremonies, with Kyle Austin making a special guest hosting appearance on July 10th. While our questions and answers won’t be quite as explicit as this one, we promise you’ll get just as many laughs!

Our Dynamic Duos

July 10th: Zach and Tab Muhn, Cameron and Lindsay Goldapp, Clifton Hall and Dana Myers

July 17th: Dale and Emily Alexander, Tommy Lee Brown and Christie Wallace, Kyle Austin and Maggie Reith

July 24th: Age Appropriate’s Mike Maiella and Ben Pfeiffer, Manick’ Nick Scott and Amanda Austin, David and Terry’s David Allison and Terry Catlett

July 31st: Winner of Week 1, Winner of Week 2, Winner of Week 3


Mike Corbett is a Level 3 Sketch Writing Student at the DCH training center and an intern for the DCH blog. You can read more about Mike HERE.