Nerdy Comic Con Preview

By Mike Corbett Rejoice nerds, for the San Diego Comic Con is nearly upon us! This weekend, people will come from all over the world for one of the biggest pop culture gatherings on the planet.   We’ll get the latest news and biggest announcements in the worlds of movies, TV, video games, comics and more, all under one roof.   It’s a lot to take in, and I’m here to let you know what you can expect from some of the biggest panels this year.

The Disney Lenathan

Everything is looking up for Disney since they acquired roughly half of all of pop culture in the last few years. Between Disney/Pixar films, Star Wars and Marvel Comics, they could conceivably run a full day’s worth of programming for each of the four days of the convention, and still not cover everything. There’s a Pixar animation panel, which could see an announcement of new projects, each all but guaranteed to bring the Mouse hundreds of millions of dollars.

Don’t expect too much from Star Wars; that will be the belle of the ball at next year’s con. Disney will likely make a strong push for their new Star Wars: Rebels animated TV series, but only hardcore fans will be excited by that. You can’t tell us you’re bringing back Han and Chewie, and expect us to be satisfied with whatever bland CGI cash in you’ve thrown together.

Finally, on the Marvel side of things, you can expect to get an update on Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, which will be obliterating box office records next summer. Marvel has also recently announced release dates for several future films, but not their titles, so I imagine they’ll probably cover that. Or maybe they won’t, it really doesn’t matter anymore, they’re all going to make more money than the GDP of a small country, regardless of what they are.

DC Comics

This year, it’s all about Batman, as the character celebrates his 75th year of existence. DC is blanketing the convention with Batman related panels: Current comic storylines, future comic storylines, video games, animated movies, classic Batman TV shows, it’s all covered. No word yet as to whether or not Adam West will be holding a class on how to do the Batusi.

No caption necessary.

You can also expect DC to make some announcements regarding their desperate attempt to catch up to The Avengers. I’m speaking of course about the upcoming film Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice or as I like to call it: Batman Vs Superman and Literally Every DC Superhero. It’s a movie that will no doubt make a ton of money, but is at this point it’s so crammed with characters, that it may just be a 90 minute of wall to wall cameos. And your kids will love every second of it.

Well, those are the big guns out of the way. (I wasn’t joking when I said Disney owns half of pop culture) Now it’s time for some quick hits: Hasbro: Transformers The giant toy company will continue to milk the Transformers for all their worth, revealing a new animated series and probably like 6 more Michael Bay “movies.”

FX Network One of TV’s finest networks will roll out three separate panels this year. Sons of Anarchy will get a big send off as it gears up for its final season and American Horror Story will probably present several unsettling promos for its latest Freak Show installment. They’ll also be giving their new series The Strain a panel, despite only having aired two episodes so far. But hey, if you’re going to give the Twilight series three different panels, you might as well show some love for good vampire stories.

Family Guy This panel reminds me of that time I had that outboard motor that sounded like Tom Waits…

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Hey, remember that thing you really enjoyed as a kid? Here’s Michael Bay to ruin it. Expect explosions, turtles with noses, and the continued insistence that Megan Fox can act.

The Walking Dead

Expect a lot of talk about how the next seasons will be the wildest, most unpredictable one yet. Then come fall, watch it be more of the same: Zombies walking and a bunch of dirty people who don’t seem to ever learn much of anything.

Game of Thrones

Oh my god is it time for it to come back yet!? There you have it folks, it’s looking to be another exciting year at San Diego Comic Con. Let those feelings of excitement and anticipation wash over you now, because you’ll just be disappointed with half this stuff by next year.

Mike Corbett is a level 3 sketch writing student at the DCH training center. He's also an intern for the DCH Blog. Find all things Mike HERE.