Noa's Maternal Instincts

Our students, performers and instructors at DCH lead some pretty cool lives when they're not hanging out at DCH. And Noa Gavin is no exception. Not only does she manage OH NOA , her award winning blog, but she's one of the faces behind Nick Mom.

When she's not performing, teaching, or writing, she pitches and writes interesting sharable graphics, lists, and short original pieces about motherhood and women's humor...such as fake birth plans for celebrities and parent-teacher conference notes for fictional characters. She also makes fun of celebrities, holidays, the ridiculous parts of mom culture, and kids in general!

She writes web content for the show Mom Friends Forever (NickJR at 10PM Eastern) and she has an original web series for NickMom that will debut soon. It features fellow teacher/performer Nick Scott and is filmed by performer Alicia Sherrod. Want more? Check out Noa's complete contributor page to Nick Mom.

Noa currently performs at Dallas Comedy House with Radio! Radio! and Atlantic Pacific Billy.