One Friday to Rule Them All

Black FridayBlack Francis. Black Flag. Black lights. See, a lot of good things come in black. Add to that Black Friday, that yearly event when businesses offer deep discounts on products and services. The Dallas Comedy House is one such business that offers a deep discount on Black Friday. That's right, sign up for improv, sketch, or stand-up classes on Friday, November 27, and we'll take $50 off the final price. Imagine all the things you could do with that extra $50.

Even better, you don't have to get out of bed or leave your house to take advantage of this discount. You can sign up for classes via your personal computer, tablet, or smartphone by visiting, clicking on the "classes," and then clicking on "registration." So easy.

But Jason, I have questions, you may be saying. Don't worry, I'm one step ahead of you. Just look at these answers.

1. If I want to sign up for an improv class and an elective class, can I take advantage of the sale for more than one class?

YES! You can sign up for as many classes and electives as you’d like. (Only exception, you can’t sign up for all improv levels. You can only sign up for the class you are about to enter).

2. Can I sign up for the Level 1 Winter Immersion and Level 2 in January? YES! You can sign up for the immersion and Level 2, as they are only a few weeks apart.

Shoot any other questions you have our way, and be sure to set your calendar alert for Friday, November 27, for our annual Black Friday tuition sale.