Our first round of grads for 2014!

We just wrapped up two weeks/weekends of student showcases for all of our current improv students. What an amazing turnout for shows. Thanks to everyone who came out to support their friends/family/lovers/mentors/idols/etc. It was truly a great two weeks of comedy for our students! We're always so proud when another round of folks walk the stage as DCH Graduates. It takes a lot of time, commitment, dedication, and a little bit of craziness to complete the training program at DCH. And another round of folks deservingly walked the stage on February 22nd, and they're now the newest addition to our growing list of graduates.

Our newest Grads: Doug Barton, Jared Burger, Jessamyn Burger, Tyler Burkett, Von Daniel, Ray-Nita Powell, Maria Robles, and Gabriel Vasquez