Our Newest Grads!

Every two months, it gets just a little be crazier than normal around DCH. As a culmination of our training center classes, students participate in a student showcase for their friends and families. It's a chance to show off what they've learned at DCH for the past two months. And every two months, an amazing group of dedicated improvisers are added to our list of DCH graduates. These folks have been in training for 10 months and are now official graduates of the Dallas Comedy House Improv Training Program.

Proud is an understatement. You guys and girls are just the coolest and we can't wait to see you putting those skills to use at DCH.


dentonpilotsOur first group of graduates from our Denton Training Center!:   From L to R: Chris Cowdrey, Michael Daniluk, Sam Cumings,  Ryan Goldsberry,  Jonda Robinson, Jackie Goodman,  Lizbeth Quispe


dallasterm6Our newest bath of Dallas Grads! From L to R: Brad Ruekberg, Greg Gittinger, Britney Mueller, Becky Rentzel, Rob Howe, Patrick Murphy, Jeremy Wilson, Sean McEwan, John Maguire, Javier Gonzalez, Mano Galaviz FRONT Row: Imrana Zaman, Monica Phantharath, Kyle Durbin


Thanks to the friends and families who came out to support all these grads last night. Thanks to our amazing group of instructors who make this training center possible.  But the biggest thanks goes out to our grads for their commitment to DCH, the training program, and the ultimate commitment to trying to make the world just a little bit funnier.