Our Term 2 Graduates!

It's that time again. The time we sit back and smile for days thinking about the most fun weekend at DCH, showcase weekend!  So many great student showcases last week and weekend. SO MANY. And of course, two new batches of grads that we are super proud of. These students have devoted almost a year of their time to learning the craft of improv. It's a craft you never stop learning, but these guys and gals are off to a great start.  If you see these folks around DCH, give them a comedy hug. They've earned it! DALLAS GRADUATING CLASS: Lily Callaway, Jason Cohen, Liza Darnell, Maggie Garcia, Billy Greear, Olon McClendon, Jon Patrick, Alan Smith, Stephanie Walker














DENTON GRADUATING CLASS: Lee Magness, Michael Rapp, Kim Marr, Chad Kent, Cotton Hensley, James Trevor Gale