Performer of the Month: Hannah Vaughan

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The February 2019 Performer of the Month is none other than the incredible, Hannah Vaughan!


Here are a few words from the individuals that nominated Hannah for Performer Of The Month:

“Hannah gives back so much to the stand-up program. She is kind and fun and such a good representative for our DCH community“

“She has worked tirelessly to be a great comic. Her enthusiasm is infectious. Her conversations are engaging. She’s f&%*#! funny, too.”

Hannah co-hosts the Open Mic at Dallas Comedy House every Tuesday at 8pm. Hannah started performing stand-up at DCH in early 2017 and since then has been on the Dallas Comedy Festival and the Lady Laughs Comedy Festival in Madison, WI. She was selected as a semi-finalist for Funniest Comic in Texas in 2017, and graduated from the improv program at Dallas Comedy House in December of 2018.

Let’s get to know her a little better:

What was your first exposure to DCH?

I started with a Stand Up Level 1 class that my dad got me for Christmas, the first time I walked in the building it felt like home, and I couldn’t stop grinning because I knew I’d found something magical.

What performers influenced you the most? Both locally and on a broader scale.

A local performer that has influenced me is Wes Corwin, his work ethic and clever humor always amaze me and I never want to stop learning from him. On a broader scale, I’m inspired by Aparna Nancherla, Maria Bamford, and Tig Notaro. These comics find hilarious and meaningful ways to talk about mental illness and death and I’m always captivated by their performances.

You recently graduated from the improv program - did taking improv have an impact on your stand-up?

I did! Improv helped me to add emotion and movement to my stand up set that took existing jokes to the next level, and thinking like an improviser helped me write is a style that was more quick and silly.

What's the best piece of comedy advice you've gotten?

  • Stand-up: Record yourself

  • Improv: (this is paraphrased, but it’s from Raye Maddox while I was in Level 1 and it blew my mind) All the editing and reworking and tweaking stand ups do off stage, improvisers do on stage.

You have a podcast - this question is just a place for you to plug that if you want:

Baby Bangs! I co-host with fellow comedian Emily Ball, we discuss navigating awkward adulthood. We are on Stitcher, iTunes, and Spotify! Or you can find us at

What's your favorite drink? This is a question to inspire people to buy you drinks.

I love all kinds of cider! It’s the candy version of alcohol.


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