Pets and Podcasting (or, Dear Podawan...)

dog radio A few weeks ago, I offered that if anyone had a question about podcasting, they could leave a comment or ask me in person.

I got one.

I’ll take it!

The topic actually hits close to home as a podcasting hobbyist. And since I’ve always wanted to be the Dear Abby of podcasting so… I’m making my own dreams come true.

Hello KC,

I've been reading your posts about podcasting and I've been enjoying it. I did have a question, though.

So the only place I can really do my podcast is in my own room. But the problem is that I've got a dog that for some weird reason likes to bark and whine when I'm trying to record. If I put him outside or in another room, he howls! It's really frustrating, and it feels like it's ruining my flow when I get into the zone. Any suggestions?


“Pet Podawan”

Dear Pet Podawan,

Yes, pets can be a bit of a hindrance when you are recording a podcast. I should know. I, too, have a dog. His name is Barky, and yes, he does live up to the name. My computer desk is by a window where he likes to stand guard and bark at everything and nothing.

In general, you should do your best to take care of your pets beforehand: Walk them if they need walking, feed them if they need feeding. Then give them a treat that will keep them busy. If they don't have severe abandonment issues, you can put them out in the backyard (if you have one) or close the door to the other room. If you have a partner or roommate, he or she or they may be able to keep pets distracted with playtime or cuddles.

In your case, Pet Podawan, if your precious fur-baby absolutely MUST be with you at all times and you can't stand the guilt and/or the noise, let the dog sit next to you. For the sake of sound, you may have to record under your comforter, but this might be the best way to keep your pooch quiet.

On the other hand, it's totally OK to embrace the fact that you're a pet-owner. There are podcasters with babies crying in the background and interrupting podcasts. They resolve the situation as quickly as possible and move forward. And they're dealing with tiny humans! It's better to acknowledge your pet dog or human and give your show a personality. Make your pet a part of the podcast!

I mean, who doesn't want this baby as a puppy podcast host?dog1

Look at this baby!





Take care, Pet Podawan.



If you have a question for me that you would like to share and have discussed in a future post, share a comment below. You can also talk to me in person! I promise you won’t die. Everyone who contacts me will be given an anonymous name ending with “Podawan."

Or, I’ll just come up with alter egos and ask myself questions.

That’s basically what podcasting is, anyway.

KC Ryan is an improv graduate turned Sketch Writing Level 2 student. When she's not working at the day job, she is a writer and podcaster for everything that combines feminism, comedy, theatre, and nerdery. She also performs in the puppet improv troupe Empty Inside.