Podcast Rec No. 10: Sword and Laser

Sword and LaserWith hubs like Goodreads, it’s no surprise that online book clubs are becoming a thing. Speaking for myself, reading is one of my favorite things. I should not be disturbed if I have my nose in a book. I will get angry. I mean, not Hulk or She-Hulk angry. Whenever I try to get angry across, I think I’m more like an annoyed Agent Coulson—I look nice, but I can get snarky. What was I talking about? Oh, right! Since I prefer genre fiction, my go-to podcast for all things nerd lit is Sword and Laser, hosted by the Internet's very own Veronica Belmont and Tom Merritt. Sword and Laser's primary function is a book club, which switches out science fiction and fantasy picks monthly, but it also features publishing news, author interviews, and so much more. I guess I should also mention that they talk about Game of Thrones often. Even though I'm not a fan of the books or the show, I know plenty of you are in Season 6 mode. There are also brief discussions regarding other book-to-screen adaptations like future film Ready Player One, and SyFy’s The Magicians and The Expanse.

Recommended episode: 2011 Interview with Patrick Rothfuss (The Name of the Wind).

It’s a little hard to find a starter episode, if only because there is so much history to this show. You could possibly start with the fairly recent “Episode #251: How Veronica Tamed Tyrion,” as it kicks off the latest book of the month. However, to play it safe, I would suggest going through the archives and find an author interview that interests you. I recommended the Patrick Rothfuss interview because I believe he is very thoughtful and funny in interviews, he’s a pretty big deal with his Kingkiller Chronicles books, and I respect his charity Worldbuilders. Then again, you Game of Thrones-adoring fans might want to find the George R.R. Martin interview. Or maybe you're interested in publishing and going the InkShares route. Good news! Sword and Laser has interviews with authors who have won Sword and Laser’s Inkshares contests (Editor's Note: One such contest was won by DCH's own Nick Scott and Noa Gavin, and you can now buy their book.). If you can think of an author, they have interviewed them.

Except Neil Gaiman...they have not interviewed the ever-elusive Neil Gaiman. Curse you and your elusive brilliance, Neil Gaiman.

Running time: Approximately 20 to 45 minutes.

For more information, visit swordandlaser.com.

KC Ryan is currently a Level 5 student at DCH. An office worker by day, she spends her nights writing, improvising, recording podcasts, and having existential crises. She’s a co-host of Parsec Award-nominated podcast Anomaly Supplemental about general sci-fi and fantasy topics. Her greatest achievement so far is convincing her husband to watch Project Runway.