Podcasting with a Day Job

secretariesI'm not going to lie, my day job makes podcasting very difficult. It's your typical Monday-through-Friday, 40-hours-per-week, weekends-free job. And I don’t know about you, but I have an early bedtime as well as scheduled classes on certain days. You want to know what I want to do after I get off of work for the night or for the weekend? Nothing. I want to do nothing. I want to get in my pajamas and watch episodes of House Hunters until I fall asleep in a pile of laundry I still haven't folded since last week. It is not productive at all, but it is absolutely heavenly.

If you want to be a podcaster, you have to make time for podcasting. So how can you find time to make the things you want to make when your day job takes up working and commute hours? I have three suggestions:

1) Take your work to work.

I had just uploaded the MP3 to our feed on Monday morning, but I forgot to save it as a draft or hit the “publish” button. Therefore, the window closed and I could not release it from work. Learn from my mistakes. I recommend using cloud storage or flash drives to take your work with you. Or you can take your personal laptop to work with you so that you can edit audio and write show notes on your breaks. I mean, it would be easier to leave it at home. I don't think my boss will understand why I downloaded Audacity to my desktop.

2) Ask for help and delegate tasks.

I’m still working on this “letting go of my pride” thing, but sometimes I just need help because work is devouring too much of my time. This may involve rescheduling a recording, or it could mean sheepishly asking your co-host to help out with show notes, especially if my weakest point of show notes is logging timestamps and she is a pro. Again, I’m very bad at this - I’m a stubborn lady who wants to do all the things. But I’m also very lucky to have people who are willing to walk the dog while I try to bend Libsyn to my will.

3) Don’t do work at home.

This was a major lesson for me in the last few months as I’ve been applying it to my writing habits and plan to do this with podcasting from now on. My home is a safe haven for relaxation and snuggling with my dog in unfolded laundry. If your behavior in your home is to do nothing, then put on your nicest clothes and go to a library or your favorite coffee shop. With the exception of the girls at the next table talking loudly about Sherry’s new douche boyfriend, I find that I can get a lot of work done outside of my home. And if that locale is losing its appeal for the day, go somewhere else. Then you can go home and nap the minute you’ve met your goals!

KC Ryan is an improv graduate turned Sketch Writing Level 2 student. When she’s not working at the day job, she is a writer and podcaster for everything that combines feminism, comedy, theatre, and nerdery. She also performs in the puppet improv troupe Empty Inside.

(Image: Genevieve Naylor/Corbis)