DCF2017: How to Prepare for the Dallas Comedy Festival

Dallas Comedy Festival
Dallas Comedy Festival

It’s Go Time! Dallas Comedy Festival 2017 is here. For those who have attended in the past, you know what this means: Jello shots, comedy from around the country, long-lost friends reconnect, every form of comedy known to man, and did I mention Jello shots!?!? For those who have never attended before and are thinking, “Wow, this looks incredible, where do I start?,” here are some tips to get you ready for #2017DCF

Make a plan. Improv comedy is always made up on the spot. At least that is what they tell me at the beginning of each show. But you will need a plan for what shows you are going to see this week. Grab a schedule and map out your week. Nerds rule at this type of festival. If you bring a highlighter and a loose leaf notebook, you will receive head nods and looks of admiration from fellow festival goers.

Always go support out-of-town performers. They drove to Dallas, or took a bus, or maybe a boat to get to the festival to show you their funny. Let them know we appreciate their effort and show them that Texans are known for three things – Hospitality, BBQ, and big cowboy hats. (Note to self: Open up a Texas BBQ place that strives to have the best hospitality and serves all of its food in plates shaped like cowboy hats. Big cowboy hats. If anyone steals that idea, please credit the Ghost Watcher.)

Add some variety to your night. One of the great things about the DCF is that it will showcase improv, stand-up, song, Shakespeare, and sketch comedy. To make any night complete, make sure and check out one of each. It is like eating the perfect meal with apps, main course, and desserts, but in a mix-and-match order. You will not be disappointed.

Three stages! You may be saying to yourself “What!?!? Three Stages?!?! How in the hell does that work? I thought there were only two stages.” The amazing crew at the Dallas Comedy House has built a new stage in the Training Center just to the west of the main entrance. It is not a secret entrance that requires a handshake with a wink-wink, tip the doorman type of Dallas thing. It is a regular, welcome to the funny, entrance. Did I mention it has a bar? Well, it does. I have heard from good authority that it will be serving the coldest beer in the history of the training center bar.

This is a special week, always one of my favorites. A week to just let loose and have fun. Enjoy the 2017 Dallas Comedy Festival and make sure you buy Jello shots for everyone. Even me.

Ghost Watcher is a regular, DCH audience member.

(Photo: Jason Hensel)