Save $50 on Comedy Classes This Month!

Our annual Black Friday Tuition sale is just around the corner. It's our yearly tuition sale where you can save $50 on comedy classes. At exactly 12:01 am on Friday November, 25th, all classes will be discounted $50! For 24 hours only. It's our biggest sale of the year, and classes often sell out in one day. So drink some extra Thanksgiving Coffee on Thursday and get ready for our online sale.  CLICK HERE FOR A COMPLETE LIST OF OUR CLASSES AVAILABLE IN JANUARY. 

Your FAQs answered about Black Friday Tuition Sale: 

1. Can I register for more than one class with this discount?  You can register for more than one class as long as they are not consecutive classes. For example: You CAN register for an improv class and a sketch writing class and advanced study, because they are all in different departments. You CAN NOT register for levels 2-5 and apply it to later terms.  

2. What classes are eligible? All multi-week classes are eligible for Black Friday. The only classes that are not eligible are one-day workshops. 3. Can I register for a class with the Black Friday discount and apply it to a later term?  Unfortunately, no. Due to the popularity of our Black Friday Tuition sale, you will be taking up space in a class that could fill up. You can not register and apply it to a later date. It is only applicable to the January/February Term of 2017. 

4. What if I want try to register for a class and it is full? You can email and be asked to put on the waiting list. The Black Friday Tuition Sale only applies to classes purchased online on November 25th, so we can not offer this discount at a later date to those on the waiting list. You’ll still have the opportunity to take advantage of Early Bird Registration.