Self-Care and Literally Worrying Yourself Sick

worrying Fact: If you overwork yourself with your day job, practice, classes, political activism, exercise, and personal commitments, you will end up getting a fever and coughing up a lung. In other words: I'm sick because I literally worried myself sick.

Let's face it, January just ended and it feels like the world has been turned upside down. The worst part of it is that our "on" lives don't stop. So we're pressured to be politically active on top of our own responsibilities. I have just learned that it is a recipe for burn out... as well as a fever and congestion that feels like my dog is sitting on my chest. And then your dog sits on your chest while you're sick and you feel like you're going to die.

I'm still getting used to this whole "self-care" thing, trying to exercise more and fitting in at least two-to-five minutes of meditation. However, sick or not, I'm noticing that being entertained and inspired relaxes me. That means reading something or watching something that makes me believe that the world is not a huge, twisted yarn ball of stress. I personally believe that watching YouTube videos of Jim Henson interviews and reading silly books with a bite of satire got me through the last month.

I'm sure you have your own go-to's for relaxing, but I thought you might also get a kick out of a few of mine. Because people love getting recommendations, forgetting about them, and then finding them on their own. Just remember, I was that little earworm that started it all. Wait, this is a blog. Eyeworm? OK, I'm gross, here's my list of happy-time yet still thought-provoking entertainment:

Small Gods by Terry Pratchett

Julie and Julia, film written and directed by Nora Ephron

Jim Henson: A Biography by Brian Jay Jones

Beauty is Embarrassing, documentary directed by Neil Berkeley

Waking Sleeping Beauty, documentary director Don Hahn

100 Days, YouTube series hosted by John Green

KC Ryan is an improv graduate turned Sketch Writing Level 2 student. When she’s not working at the day job, she is a writer and podcaster for everything that combines feminism, comedy, theatre, and nerdery. She also performs in the puppet improv troupe Empty Inside.