Frank Buttafarro

Comedy Centerfold: Frank Buttafarro

Welcome to Comedy Centerfold, where we feature a Dallas Comedy House performer and get to know him or her a little better by using questions that Playboy centerfolds are usually asked.  Frank ButtafarroConsider this: Frank Buttafarro may not be the man you think he is. First clue is that according to his Facebook profile, he currently lives in Hempstead, New York. However, on multiple occasions, I've spotted him at the Dallas Comedy House (DCH) at the jam or performing in the troupe, Shameless Pug (Dec. 2). Is New York Frank and DCH Frank the same person? Physics tells me no. Second clue: He lists Fruityy Loops as a "son" on his Facebook profile. Maybe it's just me, but I've never had a son that was a cereal. Seems like Mr. Buttafarro is trying to get a tax break. Third and last clue: He has no favorite quotes to show. Only someone leading a duplicitous life raising a sugary cereal brand would leave a life motto blank on purpose. Why? Perhaps we'll never know, because Mr. Buttafarro is both here and there, outside and inside, up and down, spinning through our lives leaving us topsy-turvy. Perhaps he doesn't even know himself. Just look at that picture, Frank vs. Frank. I rest my case.

Hometown? Fairview, New Jersey—a town that has more dead people than living people in it.

Guilty Pleasures? Boy bands and 1990s pop groups. There is nothing like watching a group of grown men sit around and harmonize and dance together.

Ambitions? My overall life ambition is to build a brand for myself. I'm not really sure what that brand is yet.

Best Concert? I would have to say two-way tie between Bon Iver and The Boss, Bruce Springsteen. I'm pretty sure people judge me hard when I cried at Bon Iver.

Favorite Book? A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle. This was the first book I had for summer reading that I actually passed the book report on.

Favorite Movie? I would probably have to say Seven because never in my life have I been in constant shock while watching a movie. Also, Kevin Spacey is the man.

Favorite TV Show? Game of Thrones, because how they take the basic story writing and they say, up yours, we're killing everyone.

Pets? I have one dog back in New Jersey, and being Italian, we naturally named her Bella.

Foods I Crave? Anything that is smothered in cheese.

People I Admire? I would have use this question to give a shout out to my mom and dad here (even though they don't know how to use the computer to read this) for taking the risk and moving to another country all those years ago. Pretty ballsy move.

Dream Role? To play the silent Bob type character where I say nothing the whole time and then drop some knowledge at the end.

Favorite Song to Sing? "Believe" by Cher, and yes I try to sound exactly like her.

Good First Date Idea? My first date idea is always bowling. That way I can have fun while things are probably going awkward.

Congratulations to Our Recent Graduates!

graduates Another term has ended, and another great group of students have graduated from the hallowed halls of the Dallas Comedy House. This group, in particular, is the final graduating class of our current location. If you see them or know them, give them a big pat on the back or a sturdy high-five.

Congratulations to the following students:

Andrew Bennett Frank Buttafarro Joseph Delgado Kyle Doane Devin Elliott Matt Gillam Josh Hensley Sarah Luthans Sam Oviedo Melissa Smrekar Konrad Stoick Lacey Tomanek