Gangs of Recess

Comedy Centerfold: Nikki Gasparo

Each week, or maybe every other week if we're lazy, we'll feature a Dallas Comedy House performer and get to know him or her a little better by using questions that Playboy centerfolds are usually asked. If you'd like to volunteer to be a centerfold before we come for you, email us and let us know. The only requirement is that we need a full-length, CLOTHED, photo of yourself for, you know, the centerfold part. Nikki GasparoThis week: Nikki Gasparo, who performs with Franzia, Gangs of Recess, and Local Honey. And ask her about "weiner man" the next time you see her.

Hometown?  Las Vegas, Nevada.

Guilty Pleasures? Junk food and reality tv, especially when combined.

Ambitions? To be the first female host on radio 1310 the Ticket.

Best concert? In 8th grade, I saw Fishbone who opened for the Beastie Boys. So bad-ass.

Favorite Book? Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. It spoke to me.

Favorite Movie? Say Anything or Before Sunrise or About Schmidt. The end of About Schmidt is perfect.

Favorite TV Show? The Simpsons.

Pets? At the moment, I have two useless cats but I did have a dog named Walter who stole my heart. He's dead now.

Foods I crave? Cinnamon Pop-Tarts, un-toasted.

People I admire? Veterans.

Dream Role? I think they should do a Broadway musical of Natural Born Killers, because I would play Mallory like a bawss. You know you would pay to see that.

Favorite Song to Sing? "Wiener Man." If you ever run into me, ask me to sing it for you.

Good first date idea? I was told that a gun range is a fun place to take a date.