Maggie Rieth

So That Happened Debuts on WFAA-TV

Dallas Comedy House (DCH) performers, teachers, and alums Sarah Adams and Maggie Rieth Austin recently debuted a new series for WFAA-TV called "So That Happened." It's funny, and you should watch it (click the image above to do so). First, though, let's find out how "So That Happened" happened.

DCH: How did this come about?

Sarah Adams: WFAA held a casting a few months back and reached out to DCH about sending some improvisers to audition. Maggie and I wound up being partnered together, and it was the MOST fun. We found out a few weeks back that WFAA wanted us to be part of this project. The episode that was release on Saturday was the first installment.

DCH: Did you two write it?

SA: Yes we did! We received the topics the producer wanted us cover on Tuesday, October 27. We supplied a draft to the producer Tuesday evening, the script was approved Wednesday, and it was shot Thursday.

DCH: Will there be more?

SA: Yes. From what we understand, the goal of "So That Happened" will be to release weekly videos focusing on the odd news of the week.

Troupe Talk: Small Town

Small Town Not sure if you heard friends, but LOVE is in the air at the Dallas Comedy House (DCH). And not just the love between that drunken couple that caught a show on Saturday for their Tinder date, but the “for reals” kind, where like, you get married and stuff. DCH improv veterans, instructors, and Small Town troupe teammates Kyle Austin and Maggie-Rieth-but now she’s-Austin tied the knot this past month! So go ahead, start ooooo’ing and awwww’ing and sink your teeth into this week’s edition of Troupe Talk: The Love Story Edition.

You guys just got married! Congratulations! What’s being married to your improv scene partner like?

Maggie: It's the best. We haven't technically performed together since we got married, but I have really high hopes for it. Or it could be a miserable disaster, and we will both quit improv. Tomato, to-mah-to. Kyle: I don't know what it's like to be married to my scene partner, yet...but come out this Saturday and find out the same time I do.

What rules of improv are also good rules for relationships?

Maggie: All of them. Mostly, "You look good if you make your partner look good." I don't want to be in a relationship - or improv troupe - that's about cutting one another down or competing. I want to build this thing together! Kyle: Good improv/relationship rules: - listening - give-and-take - compassion for the other person's decisions/choices....even if they are silly

How long have you both been doing improv, and how long have you been improving together?

Maggie: I started taking classes in the fall 2011. I think Kyle and I have been performing together for a little over a year or so ... unless you count the performance of dating, which we've been doing for the last three-and-a-half years. Kyle: I have been improvising for 10-plus years now, and together we've been doing it since I moved my stuff into her house while she was at work. So a little over a year...

Give us the similarities between a wedding and an improv show.

Maggie: All eyes are on you, and afterwards everyone wants to talk to you about how great it is. Or, people avoid eye contact and just want to get drinks at the bar. Kyle: Similarities between an improv show/wedding: - Lots of agreeing with last second changes - The people there are (for the most part) there to support you - Everyone is watching

When does Kyle/Maggie make you laugh the most?

Maggie: Kyle gets this weird, mischievous look on his face every once in a while and then does something ridiculous and weird: like some strange musical dance number. I always laugh at that. Kyle: Maggie makes me laugh the hardest when she thinks she's right, but then finds out she's's like a huge revelation!

Small Town perform at the Dallas Comedy House on August 29, September 12, October 17, and October 30.

Tori Oman is a Level Five student at DCH. She’s trained and performed with the Second City and iO in L.A. and Chicago. Favorite pastimes include being irrationally competitive at Monopoly, eating an apple in every country she’s traveled to, and being the sole person on this planet that thinks Necco Wafers are a delicious candy choice.

Troupe Talk: Roadside Couch

aDSC_0578 Pop quiz. Choose a couch to learn more about your personality!

  • A “barely used” couch on Craigslist
  • A spanking new, modern couch from the oh-so-trendy C&B
  • The one in your buddie’s living room (aka your current place of residence)
  • The roadside couch…you know, the one on the side of the road

If you chose:

  • SILLY YOU. Don’t you read the news? #creepercentral
  • SILLY YOU. You paid too much #couldhavebeenbeermoney
  • SILLY YOU. Get a job. #Getajob
  • GENIUS! BRANIAC! YOU’RE SO SMART! Because Roadside Couch is actually a solidly hilarious squad of seven Dallas Comedy House veterans who just so happen to be this week’s Troupe Talk feature. #awesomesauce #evenawesomersaucestainsonthecouch

On your way here, you each picked up something on the roadside to bring me as a present! What did I get?

Kyle: A penny. A heads up penny. Amanda: Febreeze! Those couches are so gross. Nikki: A busty antique dress form. Maggie: A BOX FULL OF KITTENS! Chad: TORI! I have an old washer IN MY DRIVEWAY. Please come and take it. I have to move it around front for the trash people to get it, but it's SO HEAVY. Mike: A CD of Nickelback's No Fixed Address. No really. It's for you. Sarah: A plastic hanger.

How did Roadside Couch get together? How long have you been a thing?

Kyle: We started a while ago when a few us were sitting around saying, "Hey, let's do something..." Amanda: I'm not big into defining relationships, or whatever. But four years and three months. Nikki: Roadside started a while back. People moved away, and about two years ago the remaining members asked me and others if we would like to join in on the fun. Maggie: Probably a mythical creature came down from a cloud and anointed the original members...and then when people moved away and had babies, those members were like, "Oh, these other people are cool..." and that's how it got to where we are now. Chad: It was birthed during a golf game with Kyle and I in 2011. We also birthed a litter of kittens just off the fairway on hole 11. Mike: Oh, gosh. Years. I'm 44, so...10 years? Sarah: Roadside is an institution that knows no age. I joined in 2013, but it was already a mighty beast of 'prov power by then.

Let's do some superlatives, cause like, everyone liked high school (...?). Of Roadside Couch members who is:

Best Smile:

Nikki: Maggie. Kyle: Maggie. Amanda: Maggie. Even her stage scowl is more infectious than any of our normal smiles. Maggie: Kyle xoxoxo SMOOCHES BABE! Chad: Maggie - she does it the most. Mike: Maggie or Chad. They can fight over it with their smiles. Sarah: Maggie. She has two though. One regular, and one mischievous. I love both.

Best Dressed:

Nikki: Maggie. Kyle: Sarah/Nikki. Amanda: Chad. Two words: Denim shirt. Maggie: Nikki - when she wears those shoes that everybody hates but are actually super trendy and neat. Chad: Amanda - she's always asking if we can see her bra straps or if we can smell onion on her blouses. Mike: Amanda. Always has on deodorant. Sarah: Nikki or Amanda, those ladies be STYLIN'.

Best Athlete:

Nikki: Maggie. Kyle: (cough) Me. Amanda: Kyle. He can literally play any sport. It's so annyoning. He also throws Sarah around stage a lot. Maggie: Chad - playing a fisherman and a fish. Chad: Kyle - we should buy him a letter jacket. Mike: Kyle. The boy has some solid hamstrings. Or Nikki. The lady can jump. Sarah: Kyle. He's a basketball champ.


Nikki: Maggie. Kyle: Chad. Amanda: Sarah. If clowns were supportive and fun and always the wild card. Oh wait. That's a clown for sure. Maggie: Sarah - she's silly. Chad: Mike or Sarah - Mike's mannerisms are the funniest thing to watch ever, but Sarah will bust out with a character or word that cause me to lose it offstage. Mike: Wyatt. She used to be in a circus, so that one is easy. Sarah: Chad Haught. Easy.

Class Drama Queen/King:

Nikki: Mike. Kyle: Amanda. Amanda: Mike because just getting him to hug you is the biggest production ever. And maybe Nikki, only because she loses her phone and keys and mind sometimes right before shows. Maggie: Amanda - because she's the queen. LONG LIVE THE QUEEN! Chad: That leaves Nikki and I. We're the oldest and have kids, too, so we're always making sure people have brushed their teeth and called their moms. Mike: Definitely me. I don't like people. Sarah: Mike. Or me. We're kind of the same person anyway.


What's the comedic style of the Couch?

Kyle: A little Art Deco mixed with free standing pottery. Amanda: US Weekly. It changes every week, and we're terrible at following trends. Nikki: Free and easy. Maggie: Mike - because he loves for people to sit on him. Chad: We're idiots. I love playing with these people. We're all so different (outside of being a bunch of white people), so it's fun to just wind each other up and let the focus shift back and forth. Mike: Ever seen a little movie called The English Patient? Sarah: Fast and Furious.

Pick someone famous to come sit on the roadside couch with you guys, and tell them something important.

Kyle: Jordan Speith. You're a Dallas dude, we're Dallas dudes...let's be friends! Amanda: Justin Timberlake. I would tell him that everyone else will be leaving the couch shortly, and we'll perform our two-man show. A show where TWO BECOME ONE! Nikki: Living or dead? Living: Peter Dinklage, Dead: Rube Goldberg. I would regale them with stories of the Texas Revolution. Maggie: Probably President Obama, and I'd say something like, "Don't be nervous - improv isn't as hard as running the country I bet," and then he'd laugh and perform with us and afterwards he'd say, "Maggie - thank you for your encouragement." Chad: Hey Ariel the Mermaid - you're important to me. I can sing all of "Part of Your World." I think you're pretty, and your red hair is beautiful. I talked to my wife and she normally doesn't let me date, but she said she's cool with it if you wanted to grab a coffee or something sometime. Mike: -------------------------------------- Sarah: Andy Daly, I love you from the bottom of my big ol' heart, please be my friend?

See Roadside Couch perform at the Dallas Comedy House on July 3, July 17, August 8, and August 29.

Tori Oman is a Level Four student at DCH. She’s trained and performed with the Second City and iO in L.A. and Chicago. Favorite pastimes include being irrationally competitive at Monopoly, eating an apple in every country she’s traveled to, and being the sole person on this planet that thinks Necco Wafers are a delicious candy choice.

Troupe Talk: LYLAS

LYLAS OMG. RTM. I mean, RTFM. Or just read Troupe Talk. This week. SITD??? SOL -- STBY! JK. LOL. RBTL, what I’m saying is LYLAS is up in Troupe Talk. You must be NUB, or something. NMP. DILLIGAS?? LMAO.

This week’s Troupe Talk is LYLAS. These GURLZ have a KAPOV that will make you ROTFLMAO. Enjoy, because IMHO, they're GR8!


OK LYLAS! For this interview, we are having a good old fashioned slumber party! What did you bring with you to my party and what classic sleepover trick are you going to play on the first girl who falls asleep? Lindsay:I brought the Ouija Board my parents won't let me use at home. I'll do that old classic trick where I summon an evil spirit with the Ouija Board and they murder someone in their sleep. So fun! lolrofl! Sarah A.:I brought chips and salsa - and probably Oreos and Twizzlers, because I need an excuse to eat them. And I don't play tricks, I TURN THEM. JKJKJKJKJKJK. Maggie:I brought sour gummy worms. I'm going to put whip cream on her hands and then tickle her nose so she slaps herself in the face lolz. Lauren: I brought Boone's Farm, and I'm gonna murder her. Tab: I brought Jurassic Park for everyone to watch. And I will freeze your bra. FREEZE IT. Lacey: I would have brought toilet paper -- so that we could sneak out of your house and toilet paper someone else's house, duh! As for the first girl who fell asleep? Probably prank-called her parents or boyfriend or something. I was an EXCELLENT prank caller. Averie: A roll of cookie dough. Trick: I'm going to eat the whole roll of cookie dough while watching everyone sleep.

Speaking of slumber parties, let’s go back in time. What is something that you would tell your sweet 16-year-old self? Lindsay: Sober up, bitch. No one's impressed. Sarah A.: Someday, it will all make since. Maggie: Posing for all photos with your tongue out is not flattering. Lauren: It gets better! Tab: That headgear is going to mess up your jaw forever, it's not worth it. Also be nicer to the boys you date, just because you know that it's unlikely you will be with the person you date in high school for the rest of your life doesn't mean they do. Lacey: Roll the windows down while you're hooking up with your high school boyfriend behind the middle school in your Toyota Celica. It's REALLY obvious what you're doing in there with the windows all steamed up. Averie: Eating raw cookie dough is dangerous.

What are you thoughts on the representation of women in the comedy world? Do you think women have equal opportunity? Lindsay: Women have busted some walls down in the last few years thanks to bad-asses like Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and many others. Many years ago when I was auditioning for my first improv troupes, we had to be 10 times as funny as the dudes auditioning to be considered. Everyone was just looking for their "token female." Now the boys understand that girls came to play and the audience values our perspective. Lauren: Women have more obstacles to overcome, but people are becoming more aware of and sensitive to that and interested in representing our perspective. That isn't exclusive to comedy though, it's everywhere. Tab: I think right now is an amazing time to be a woman and a comedian. I have noticed that class ratios are starting to have more girls than boys. We have so many great role models to look up to right now, and the idea that women comics don't have a chance is dated.

I've also always thought it was strange to have the "women aren't funny" argument, because I grew up watching I Love Lucy. We watched it, our parents watched it, our grandparents watched it. The first episode aired in 1951, and the show was the most watched show in the United States in four of its six seasons and was the first to end its run at the top of the Nielsen ratings. It is often regarded as one of the greatest and most influential sitcoms in history. In 2012, it was voted the "Best TV Show of All Time" in a survey conducted by ABC News and People magazine.

All that, from so long ago, and you're telling me people still say women aren't funny? Lucille Ball is one of my heroes, and she was doing hilarious bits 64 years ago. Come on. Sorry to go on a rant. It's probably my period. Sarah A.: What Tab said. Maggie: Sure. Lacey: Almost all of my favorite comedians are women. Even though I've grown up loving female comics, I've definitely seen a change in representation and treatment in the last 30 years. However, if things were truly equal, Tina Fey wouldn't have had to make the joke on David Letterman's last show that "he finally proved that men are funny." Damn, that was a good joke though. Averie: The fact that we are still asking these questions is very telling.

Who is a funny lady you admire and why? Lindsay: OMG, every girl ever! My Grandma Helen (RIP), because she taught me how to bring that #realness and not give a WHAT. Kate Lambert and Erica Elam are some Chicago ladies who always inspired me, because creativity just pours of out them. And of course my LYLAS gals who blow me away all day errday. Sarah A.: Besides all the fine females in LYLAS?! I got a super mad crush on Julia Louis-Dreyfus, I want to be her. Maggie: My mother - Barb. Lauren: My mom's super funny and always on. I really look up to the chicks in this troupe, and honestly pretty much all the improvisers at the Dallas Comedy House, even some of the man ones. Tab: ALL OF THEM. Lacey: My memaw -- though I don't think she always means to be funny. She's at the age now where she says whatever she wants and doesn't give a shit because she's like, "I'm over 80 years old, whatareyougonnadoabout it?" I was visiting her a few weekends ago when she debated the merits of a walk-in bathtub and talked about how awesome it is that you don't have to shave your legs when you're a senior because you just stop growing hair...everywhere. Averie: Maria Bamford. She turns her pain into comedy gold.

Sing a line from a favorite hit song and pick someone to sing it to. Lindsay: "I'm just a girl in the world...cuz THAT'S ALL THAT YOU'LL LET ME BEEEEE" -- to all men, CUZ WE LIVE IN A PATRIARCHAL SOCIETY!!!!!!!! Maggie: Ohhhh baby youuuuuuu... you got what I nee-eeeeed... and I would like to sing that to anyone who doubts themselves. BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF YOU. Lauren: "Who let the dogs out?" You know who you are. (You are the Baja Men.) Tab: "I am woman, hear me roar" sung by Maggie because THAT'S WHAT SHE WANTS. Sarah A.: Also, what Tab said. Lacey: I would absolutely sing "Friends in Low Places" to Garth Brooks. Averie: "Fuck da police!" Garrison Keillor.

LYLAS performs at the Dallas Comedy House on June 6 with Franzia and June 27 with .f.a.c.e.

Tori Oman is a Level Four student at DCH. She’s trained and performed with the Second City and iO in L.A. and Chicago. Favorite pastimes include being irrationally competitive at Monopoly, eating an apple in every country she’s traveled to, and being the sole person on this planet that thinks Necco Wafers are a delicious candy choice.

Troupe Talk: Cupcake

Cupcake Troupe talk is back this week and in celebration of spring, Mother's Day, and baked goods (because we should always celebrate baked goods), Cupcake has joined me for some sweet talk about improvising, the new Dallas Comedy House (DCH) and each other.

Thank you for bringing me this basket of gifts as a token of thanks for interviewing you! Why don’t you tell our readers what each of you gave me? Christie: Everyone brought you cupcakes, so I brought you something to wash them down with. CUPCAKE MILKSHAKES!! Maggie: I gave you the cupcake that Mariam is eating in the next question…she just couldn’t stop herself. Nick: There is a giant cupcake beside the basket. When you cut it to finally eat it, you find my charred remains inside. I wanted to surprise you by popping out of the giant cupcake, but I don’t know how to bake and put myself in the cupcake before the baking process rather than after. Tommy: I helped Nick bake the giant cupcake for you, thinking it was from us both. Mariam: I brought you a fried chicken cupcake to break up the monotony of all the sweet and/or Nick’s-ashes-flavored cupcakes.

Pretend you are all sitting in a circle. Look to the person to the left of you and tell me what flavor cupcake they would be and why. Christie: Maggie is a cupcake as big and bright as the sun! She has rainbow icing and unicorn sprinkles, because she is happiness in a giant baked good! Maggie: Mariam would probably be this cupcake. It’s a cupcake that has been build to look like a panda. That’s because Mariam is beautiful—just like a panda cupcake. Mariam: Nick’s cupcake would taste like despair and sadness, with a hint of chocolate. And it would have a khaki short wrapper around it. Nick: Tommy would probably be a pizza cupcake. Cheese and pepperoni on top of garlic bread. Then a tiny hot dog to top it all off, because Tommy always has his party shorts on, but he can take care of business as well. Tommy: Christie would be a love cupcake. With tiny pig filling and puppy icing.

Now that you’ve defined your individual cupcake flavors, let’s talk about Cupcake as a whole! How did you guys meet? How long have you been together? Christie: I’m really bad at math, but I’m really awesome at friendship. This made for the perfect troupe! We’ve been performing for over two years, but we’ve been friends for a lifetime. *Someone check my math on that.* Maggie: Much like *NSYNC, Cupcake was put together to dominate the 2013 DCH Improv Cagematch Tournament. Though we got second place to a bunch of cousins, we still made beautiful music. We’ve been performing ever since. And, apparently, math. Mariam: I received an anonymous invitation to join a new secret-agent, mathematically-constructed, *NSYNC-inspired, bulletproof improv troupe. I blindly accepted. The purpose of said troupe? To dominate the 2013 DCH Improv Cagematch Tournament. We got second place. YOU DO THE MATH. Nick: Tommy and Christie used math equations and science to formulate the most perfect complimentary improv troupe that would dominate the 2013 DCH Improv Cagematch Tournament. Even with math on our side, we came in second. BUT ONLY BY TWO VOTES. Tommy: Christie and I created the perfect plan to come in second in the 2013 DCH Improv Cagematch and create a famous and timeless rivalry that would never be rivaled by other fabled rivalries.

Why do you dig improvising? Christie: There’s nothing better than making people laugh. Unless you’re getting to do that with your best friends, WHICH I AM. Maggie: It’s fun to spend 30 minutes not thinking—just reacting and having fun with friends. Mariam: I can let go and be stupid and do crazy things with people who are funny and smart and make me laugh and be a better person. Nick: Because I crave instant gratification and approval. Tommy: It's the next best thing to playing with your friends as a little kid. It's like the fountain of youth, but you still age and die.

So I hear DCH moved to a new building. What’s your favorite thing about the new DCH? Christie: Tell Shiloh you want The Christie—it’s a shot of Crown with a Miller Lite. It’s not on those beautiful chalk boards above the bar...yet. But seriously, those menu boards are crazy awesome!! Maggie: I like the wood on the walls. IT’S CRAZY BECAUSE IT USED TO BE A FLOOR! Mariam: DAT SICK OUTDOOR AREA THO. It’s like you’re one with nature, outside, in the night air. Nick: The secret ghost room above the bar that they had to seal off, because of the terrible thing that happened there years ago that still haunts the room to this day. Tommy: TLB MANDIP

Before you go, say goodbye to our readers by whispering a famous farewell lyric or quote to them: Maggie: “I just wanna dance with somebody.” - WHADOLF HILSTON Mariam: “I wanna feel the heat with somebody.” - Adolf Hitler (does he know how to whisper?) Nick: “I do not see why man should not be as cruel as nature.” - Adolf Hitler (this is whispered as I slowly back away without breaking eye contact) Tommy: "Don't go chasing waterfalls" - Adolf Hitler (this is whispered as I slowly back away without breaking eye contact) Christie: “Never trust a big butt and a smile.” - Adolf Hitler (this is whispered as I slowly back away without breaking eye contact)

Cupcake performs at DCH on May 16 (grand-opening weekend!), May 22, and June 25.

Tori Oman is a level four student at DCH. She’s trained and performed with the Second City and iO in L.A. and Chicago. Favorite pastimes include being irrationally competitive at Monopoly, eating an apple in every country she’s traveled to, and being the sole person on this planet that thinks Necco Wafers are a delicious candy choice.

Dallas Comedy House Takes on True Grit

True Grit The book True Grit is about revenge, persistence, and acceptance. There are shoot-outs, snakes, and sneak attacks. It's a great ball of fun to read, and since we like fun, too, at the Dallas Comedy House, we're participating in this year's Big D Reads by putting our own spin on the classic novel through the magic of improvisation. It's happening Friday, April 17, and two of those involved in the show, Maggie Rieth and Lacey Tomanek, were kind enough to answer a few questions about the event.

Please tell us more about what will happen in "Dallas Comedy House Takes on True Grit." Who all is involved? What will the show be like? Will real horses be involved?

Maggie: It's a pretty fantastic cast! Lots of hilarious and smart people who also know how to read. I think that was the baseline requirement. Unfortunately, we were unable to find a real horse who knew how to read, so that really limited our options in the horse department.

The show itself has two acts—a little bit of short-form fun to kick things off and then some more traditional long-form improv inspired by the novel.

Lacey: For me, this is such a cool culmination of many of my passions—comedy, intellect, and community engagement. I've been a fellow with D Academy for the last year and have been planning Big D Reads, our year-long community service project, with all the other fellows. Getting to engage with Big D Reads as an improviser is my ideal!

What about this book lends itself to a fun, comedy show?

Maggie: Basically it's about a young woman who thinks she can fight injustice. Then, men try to put her down and say she can't do it. So, like, that's hilarious because that never happens in real life.

There's also a guy named Rooster, a guy with a last named pronounced beef and a gang led by a man named Pepper. If I didn't know better, I'd think it was a book about a really tasty dinner.

This stuff writes itself.

Lacey: What has been fun thus far was the BS the cast was making up during rehersal when we hadn't yet all read the book. Now that we've all read the book, what will make this a fun comedy show is a set of really strong characters to draw inspiration from and a narrative arch that contains some of the key emotions that make improv fun—determination, passion, revenge, anger, joy, lust, etc.

What are your favorite scenes in the book and why?

Maggie: I like every time Mattie says something strong-willed and sassy. I like to imagine her as a character on Real Housewives of The Wild West, and when she talks about something she said that was brassy or super confident, I imagine the "cut-to" of her sipping on a glass of Pinot Grigio. Then I realize I've gotten really distracted and have to re-read the last three paragraphs.

Lacey: I like all the scenes where Mattie is negotiating with someone much older than her—and typically male—to get what she wants. She is not easily deterred and absolutely outsmarts everyone around her despite being a 14-year-old female in the late 1800s.

Do you prefer the John Wayne or Jeff Bridges version of the movie adaptation? 

Maggie: I've only seen the John Wayne adaptation in preparation for this Friday's show. I'M HORRIBLY UNDER PREPARED.

Lacey: I know this probably makes me uncool, but I hate any and all old movies—including movies with John Wayne.

What other books would you like to base a comedy show around in the future?

Maggie: I would LOVE to go through and do books off the banned books list. So many great pieces of literature have been banned for one reason or another, it seems only natural that an improv troupe read controversial books and then make fun of them.

I'd also love to do some non-fiction books—like Freakonomics.

Lacey: Ohhhh, I like Maggie's suggestion. I'm in. Also, I'd like to take the Old Testament for a spin. That would be a treat.

Why should we read True Grit?

Maggie: Because everyone else is doing it.

No, seriously. The entire city of Dallas is reading it right now as part of Big D Reads. Why haven't you read it already? You should read it before Friday.

Lacey: Because reading makes you a smarter, sexier, and happier human—who doesn't want to be those things?!

Due to construction on DCH's new home (3025 Main Street), the "Dallas Comedy House Takes on True Grit" show will be performed at Club RBC (2617 Commerce Street) on Friday, April 17, at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $8 in advance and $10 at the door.

(Image: D Home/D Magazine)