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This weekly blog series features interviews taking place at the Dallas Comedy House (DCH) open mic with me and some of the funniest stand-up comedians in the area, most of whom just happen to be my best friends! Read to learn about your favorite local funny people and about the curious emotional makeup of people who like to go onstage alone every night to get laughed at.

Preston Lacy: The Daredevil

Preston Lacy is best known for chasing dwarves, wearing hats full of puke, and other insane, shocking, and often disgusting hijinks he and his gang of merry mayhem-makers created and filmed for MTV's hit series, Jackass. Writing and performing these extreme shenanigans made Lacy and friends stars. Now Lacy tours telling stories of the mechanics behind putting together their insane, hilarious stunts. Lacy headlined the Dallas Comedy Festival, regaling audiences with outrageous tales, like the "Auto-Focus" scenario he was in with his friends and three overweight woman and what it's like to have a horse eat an apple out of your butthole. I sat down with the fearless Lacy and learned about his journey from aspiring actor to Jackass star to stand-up comic. Brought to you by Creww Media, and filmed by the terrific Sean Alexander.

Lauren Davis is an improviser and stand-up comedian from Dallas, Texas. Currently a student at the DCH Training Center, she can be seen weekly performing improv with her troupes LYLAS: Girl on Girl Comedy and Please Like Us, as well as doing her stand-up act at clubs around the area.

DCF2015: Sass and Seduction

Laughing Day 2 of the Dallas Comedy Festival was fire ("fire," I'm told, is the new slang for awesome/rad/'re welcome). It was a solid set of stand-up for the audience who was served up songs of seduction from Dave Little, tales of tomfoolery from Preston Lacy, high fives for irritable bowel syndrome, and a chance to hear a full minute of a Kid Rock song (we're sorry).

And don't forget this truth:

Yes, photos were taken. Here are a few.

Preston Lacy

Dave Little

Lauren Davis

Waiting for the show to start.

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The festival continues tonight with more stand-up and improv shows from local and national acts at 7 p.m., 8:30 p.m., 10 p.m., and 11:30 p.m.