The First Ever But Now Annual DCH Awards 2015/HoliDAZE Extravaganza

Sallie Bowen It was a night of glitz. Of glamor. Of meatballs. Of cheese plates. Of free coffee mugs. It was the night of the Dallas Comedy House Awards/Holiday Party.

Thousands gathered (probably, we didn't count) to be merry toward each other and watch as performers re-enacted favorite DCH memories from the past year. Sarah Wyatt was once again thrown across the stage. Cell Block Tango broke the stage door. Monica and Colten (or Molten, as they are called in the DCH gossip magazines) kissed. Grant and Christian sang. Jerrell and Jason kissed. There was a lot of kissing.

There were laughs, there were tears (mostly from Mike Maiella in the bathroom after he didn't win anything). Oh, and there were awards! For the first time ever at DCH, performers, staff, and interns were deemed "The Best" by the votes of their peers. Congrats to the following people—you can now put "2015 DCH Best of Recipient" on your bios and resumes.


BEST INTERN: Brian Harrington

Brian Harrington

BEST BAR STAFF: Natalie Starnes

BEST TECH: Cesar Villa

BEST TROUPE: Photobomb

BEST SKETCH SHOW: Law and Order: The SVUsical

Christian Hughes Grant Redmond

BEST STANDUP: Lauren Davis

BEST COACH: Terry Catlett

BEST TA: Paulos Feerow

Paulos Feerow




DCH MVP: Jerrell Curry

DCH MVP: Jerrell Curry and Best Bar Staff: Natalie Starnes

Congratulations to the winners, and to everyone who has helped make it a banner year for DCH. And for those of you who didn't win an actual award, there's always next year (fingers crossed for a "BEST AWARD SHOW RECAP BLOG ENTRY" category).

You can check out more photos at this link.

Merry [insert holiday you celebrate] and a happy New Year.

Nick Scott is a performer and teacher at the Dallas Comedy House.

We're Up for an INNY Award

Improvisation NewsThe Dallas Comedy House has been nominated as Best Venue for an INNY Award. Sponsored by Improvisation News, the awards recognize excellence in the improv industry. FrankenMatt, who will be at the Dallas Comedy Festival, are nominated in the Best Comedy Duo category.

Craig Cackowski, also a Dallas Comedy Festival performer and teacher, is nominated in the Best Instructor category.

Wouldn't it be great if DCH, FrankenMatt, and Cackowski won their categories? Yes. Yes it would.

Please vote! We can all raise the INNY statuette when we win.

It's An Election Year

Improvisation NewsI'd like to help kick off this monumental election year by letting you know that the 2012 INNY Awards Nomination Ballot is now available to fill out. The INNY what? The INNY Award is sponsored by Improvisation News each year to recognize excellence in the improv industry all across America. Winners are selected trough an online voting process. And winners receive a prize package, an INNY statuette, and most importantly, bragging rights.

Now, I'm not saying you have to nominate anyone for the awards, nor am I begging you to vote, but if you happen to find yourself facing the nomination ballot, just maybe, if you want, you know, maybe, throw in some DCH-based nominations. No pressure.

But seriously, if you don't nominate you'll make our American flag cry eagle tears that will poison Native American lands who will then come back and haunt the house that you built on it because YOU DON'T LOVE AMERICA!

So, yeah, that link again: 2012 INNY Awards Nomination Ballot.