Patch Things Up This Season

The weather is changing and there is a certain feeling in the air. The fall is fast approaching, and I don’t mean the fall of civilization, although that feels inevitable to many. In the final days of August, we noticed as our local grocers began stocking less charcoal briquettes and marking clearance prices on the pool toys and vessels for making sun tea. The shelves are now stocked with Halloween candy and spooky decorations. There are delightful plump pumpkins stacked where the watermelons once were. There are seasonal drinks and food promotions all around.

Autumn is the season of decay, crunchy leaves, warm spices, and bundling up. This year I suggest making a small adjustment to actively make our lives a little easier. Let’s be kind to pumpkin spice enthusiasts. I, myself, prefer black coffee. I admit, the flavor doesn’t strike my fancy. I don’t feel the slightest bit of curiosity to try the pumpkin spice toothpaste that will undoubtedly hit the shelves in the next few weeks. But why not let our friends and co-workers enjoy their hot bean water with whichever spices, syrups, or milks that make their hearts happy?Let’s bask in the solace they find as they rejoice gleefully sipping on pumpkin spiced lattes or on pumpkin beers. Let’s admire their dedication to this theme when they eat pumpkin pie while sitting on a pumpkin in a pumpkin patch with a pumpkin on their head. I nearly envy their commitment to the exaltation of such a glorious gourd. 

There are plenty of things to be cynical about in this day and age. Let yourself off the hook this year and focus on something less harmless. Global Warming, for instance, which might very well impact pumpkin patch crops in the future.

Jamé McCraw is a sketch 1 student and a recent graduate of the DCH improv program. She performs with Watermelon. She spends time archiving mementos in her little old house and always finds time to hold hands with her cat, Stanley.

A Blitsy Interview With Suspect

It was a breezy eve, the kind of eve that was cool enough to enjoy a Pumpkin Spice Latte double shot, extra whip and toot down at the Arboretum. That wasn’t what Blitsy Kittenz had in mind for this Saturday night thought, no, nada, neeha, nope. She planned on cahooting with some Suspects, the writers/actors and director of Suspect: A True Crimedy. Some wig-poppin’, show stoppin’ funny guys and gals by the name of, Sallie Boo Bowen, Bonnie Criss, Jason Hackett, Andrew Plock, Ryan Goldsberry, Jade Smith and Ashley Br-Bright. The interview began in the green room and it also ended in the green room. She entered with the cast already seated then the real story began:

Practicing With Midnight Passion

There are few troupes, in Dallas Comedy House or elsewhere, that have as many tentacles as Midnight Passion. I don’t mean that as in appendages, although between Raye Maddox, Jordan Armstrong, Jeff Garlish, Jessica Roth, Camille Long and Lisa Michalsky, there’s 28 of those (I’m counting legs and arms, but I’m not up to the math of counting fingers and toes and I can’t confirm all troupe members have the default numbers of those).

Amanda Austin Selected For Leadership Dallas Class of 2018

Amanda Austin, Owner and Artistic Director of Dallas Comedy House, has been selected as a member of the Dallas Regional Chamber's Leadership Dallas Class of 2018.

Founded in 1975, Leadership Dallas prepares a diverse group of leaders to serve as agents and sustainers of positive change for the quality of life in the Dallas region. The program serves as a catalytic opportunity for individuals who are both acknowledged and aspiring leaders to continue their professional development and further cultivate a demonstrated commitment to the serving the community.

Spotlight On Storytelling: Ellen Fultz

Spotlight On Storytelling: Ellen Fultz

We sit down and speak with Dallas Comedy House's Storytelling student and part of the new "Gettin' It" cast Ellen Fultz. Ellen talks about how storytelling opened her up to the strength in vulnerability and guesses the backstory of a fellow coffee shop dweller. Along with storytelling, she can predict your future and foretells that in eight months I will encounter a "nice guy" who will creep his way into my facebook, heart and a seat at my thanksgiving dinner table. This message is for you blondie - if you can't eat jell-o with chopsticks, don't bother. Ellen, we wish you a lot of fun, laughter and frustrating transaction scenes in your upcoming Improv One class. 

New Troupe/Old Troupe: Preschool Fight Club talks to .f.a.c.e.

You’ve done it. You’ve graduated from the Dallas Comedy House Improv program, you’ve put together a team of like-minded improvisers almost as brilliant as yourself, and you’re ready to take DCH, and then the world, and then the universe, by storm.

But wait! A couple practices in, you realize that you don’t have a teacher and a TA to hold your hand anymore. You need guidance. You need assistance.

That’s why we’ve created New Troupe/Old Troupe. It is a vehicle for new troupes (together a less than a year) to get their burning questions answered by troupes that have been together for more than a year. If you have been together for precisely one year to the day, I have no use for you. Sorry.