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DCH Invades the Dallas Morning News

When The Dallas Morning News (DMN) called and asked us to help them punch up their writing and social media content, we knew we were in for a big task. After all, how do you help punch up the already quippy writing of some the city's best journalists? Well, you use the "Yes, and…" philosophy we rely on to create improv comedy to help curate this workshop. "Our training with Amanda and DCH was immediately useful. We walked out of our second session and within hours put some of our new techniques to work. Not once. Not twice. But in three separate Facebook posts. It wasn't about becoming funny. It was all about learning to work together to be more engaging."  — Michael L., DMN Digital Communities Manager 

Our team spent two days with a group of writers, editors, and social media gurus from The Dallas Morning News. The first day, we gave them a crash course in improv comedy and showed them the tools we use on the stage to work together as a group.  After a few short hours, they were already on their way to comedy stardom.

As the largest news source for the DFW area, DMN is responsible for making sure North Texas receives succinct news in a timely manner. And often times, the writers don't have time to collaborate. We taught them how our comedy writing team pitches and develops original content, and how and when to make it fun for their ever-growing audience. Combined with their stellar teamwork skills they developed in Day One, this group of newsies is now armed and ready to deliver the news. With a twist.

If you're not already following The Dallas Morning News on Facebook or Twitter, do yourself a favor and check them out. That same level of integrity will always be in place with DMN, but don't be surprised if you start to see a funnier side of the news.

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